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  1. baby pleco photos are one of life's treasures. adore the little guy! also took me a minute to notice him in the second pic, so cute..
  2. and so continues the experimentation on whether fish will decide to grow limbs and climb...
  3. i saw a rack of them like this a few months ago, except they were under blacklight.. one of them was insanely cool though, he was huge (or seemed) and looked like an alien with his glowing pupils! the temptation was strong..
  4. always a treat to see baby plecos, joining forces in their fight against an evil vegetable.. sweetest little sight!
  5. beautiful piece, its very serene but also has a bit of comedy to it for me with the reversed-perspective thing going on.. best of health to you, i hope you share some more work sometime!
  6. so teeny.. cheers to many years of nibbling and glass-clinging shenanigans 🥂
  7. amazing new little guy! about how long is it?
  8. the world can never have enough loach content, thanks for the adorable video! tell them i said hi 🙂
  9. dream list is clown loach, featherfin catfish, pictus catfish, asian stone mini catfish, black ghost knife, zebra pleco and blood parrot. dreams due to space limits and fear i may shorten their lives by inexperience. but i can look at pictures!
  10. i'm wanting to know how many i could comfortably put in a 30g, i'm building a tank around them so im open to size suggestions and want enough of them that they'll be a happy loach bunch. currently will be species only. any extra tips on them much appreciated, all ears. PS has anyone ever caught them clicking like other loaches?
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