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  1. * I don’t know the Genders of the Cory cats
  2. Freshwater tank one male betta three male platies three albino Cory Dora’s unknown if there genders and 2 nerites and a bunch of pest snails
  3. Ok would it be ok if I gravel vac around my drift wood and stuff? Or would I have to take stuff out again?
  4. By one dose do you mean one full treatment?
  5. I moved my fish out of my display tank into a a little floating quarantine container because he seems to have wasting disease/parasites and I am treating for it now I am afraid that he might have left parasites in the main tank in the substrate through his poop and stuff so today I Took a lot out of the main tank to gravel vac which was super stressful for me and my OCD and anxiety and I don’t even think I gravel vacuumed it that good and it is hard to vacuum in my tank because it’s a 10 gallon lushly planted and with drift wood so it’s hard to gravel vac and I don’t like having to pull everything out. can you keep parasites at bay with gravel vacs?and I’m deathly afraid of medicating my tank because the last time I did that it killed my damn cycle so I just don’t know what to do or if there is even parasites in the substrate or tank.
  6. Also I was wondering I took a fish out of my display tank and in quarantine for wasting disease should I gravel vac my main display in case he left parasites in the substrate? Do you always need to worry about the substrate when deworming fish?
  7. Can I sterilize fish tank equipment with really hot water?
  8. Why do plants turn a gooey brown? Do they revive over time?
  9. How can I get my plants to grow more and melt less? I am dosing fertilizers and the tank has been established for a while but the plants still seem to lose a lot of leaves and melt what should I do?
  10. I want to buffer my water with crushed coral does it matter what type? I was just thinking of using Top Fins marine crushed coral. Also it’s a freshwater tank.
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