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  1. The power of the imagination
  2. Feel free to post your photoshop artworks here 💙💚
  3. I think that I created a new topic for this picture instead of reply to the meme topic, this covid has got me making silly mistakes. But I thought I might post it here too. If you like the artwork you can follow the topic called " Photoshop by ParaVagans ". Maybe creating a new topic was a blessing in disguise because now I can post all of my aquarium related photoshops to one topic.
  4. I wasn't 100% sure where to post this but I am sure here will be just fine. This took me most of the day to finish and drained me a little because through-out working on this artwork I have developed Covid symptoms. I hope that you enjoy the artwork I call it ''Fish out of Water'' !
  5. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been helping me solve this question and for making me feel included on my first day on the forum. I have been talking my friends and families ears off about nerm stuff and thought that it was about time that I find a community that can relate and I couldn't have found a more helpful and respectful forum. I hope that I too can become a functioning respectful part of this nermunity. 🌿🐟
  6. Okay thank you @anewbie if I understood this correctly. This plant in particular (Amazon Sword) has a range of subspecies, which are likely to be able to grow emerged or submerged each resulting in a variant in the plants overall look? Just to clarify I did buy the plant submerged and it was around the same height as the one on the left just with less leaves.
  7. Okay this explains it. Thank you @xXInkedPhoenixX for getting to the bottom of this. The purple flower is very beautiful, my fingers are crossed that mine flowers. To follow up on my sticky tape experiment where I tried to fix a broken stem, I decided to just prune that leaf.
  8. They looked exactly the same when I bought them and they were both labeled as Amazon Swords. For some reason the one on the right just shot up. Strange right?? 🤷‍♂️
  9. Greetings everybody! I am from Gauteng, South Africa. Here is a photo of my tank. I currently have one black and white Molly, eight Glowlight Tetras & two Otocinclus. (not sure what the plural of Otocinclus is) I am a relatively long time fan of the Youtube channel and a Nerm in training.
  10. Wow 3 ft tall! I would be so proud to achieve that especially in my 8 gallon.😄 You have a very healthy looking Amazon Sword but mine doesn't quite look the same. I will attach a photo to show you just how abnormal mine looks. I am no stranger to growing garden plants indoors under lights and a common thing that happens when you don't have a strong enough light is that the plants stretch and get very lanky. I think that is what happened to my Amazon Sword but the strange thing is that there is another Amazon Sword right next to it that didn't grow in the same way, so it could also be a genetic thing? Could you also let me know what fish that is on the right. The orange one. It looks like a cichlid of some sort. I have always wanted to get a Flower Horn.
  11. Hi there fellow hobbyist. I have an Amazon Sword that is planted into the substrate at the bottom of my tank and has gown out of the water column. I would just like to know if this is common? I have a 30cm (11.8 inch) high tank and the plant has grown to over 50cm (19.6 inch). I really like how it looks and would like to know if you can somehow force this to happen. I also broke one of the stems and used sticky tape to almost graft the stem back in place. Has anyone tried this and had success? I will follow up on my results concerning the sticky tape fix. 🌿
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