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Found 11 results

  1. I have a planted 40 gallon breeder community tank which is going on 4 months old and currently includes: 12 Neon Tetra 6 Bronze Corys 5 Amano Shrimp *6 Dwarf Chain Loaches (just added two days ago after quarantine) Crypts - green and lucens Vallisneria Amazon Sword Anubias Java Fern Temp 76; pH has dropped a little below 7, it's around 6.8 and is probably due to the driftwood and I need to add a bit more crushed coral; Ammonia 0; Nitrites 0; Nitrates around 40ppm (can add GH/KH numbers if it will be helpful). I may be paranoid, but one of my Dwarf Chain Loaches has been kicking up the sand, and I noticed one of the corys rubbing on the sword leaves. I don't SEE any white ich spots or anything else at the moment, and no one else in the tank seems to be bothered. I've never had dwarf chain loaches before and have heard that they are prone to ich because they are scaleless, so maybe I'm just over-reacting and they're ok, just settling in as they've only been in the big tank for a few days... I have the med trio which I've used for quarantining (I also have three other tanks: 20 gal guppy tank, 10 gallon betta tank, 10 gallon pea puffer tank) However, if it does wind up being ich or something similar and I do need to treat the tank, will adding salt completely nuke my plants? I understand it dehydrates them, and if I really need to I could probably just pull them all and replant after treatment. Aside from using salt... is there anything for ich that works as well as Ich-X that won't stain the tank? Comments/suggestions/insights are greatly appreciated ❤️
  2. hi everyone. i have tones of snails in my fish tanks (mostly Malaysian trumpets). i love them but i thought i would set up a Dwarf Chain Loach tank but i'm not sure what to put with them !? i have a tank ready to go L:-24" W:-16" h:-26" (600x400x600) planted with a canister filter my idea at the moment is :- 8/10 Dwarf Chain Loach would like some wider tetras Columbia/lemon/congo not sure which or how many ??? and i was also thinking of a pair of Colisa lalia but not sure ?? the loaches are definite but everything else is up in the air !! would love your ideas of what and how many fish you would recommend !!! thank you kai
  3. Hello! Trying to decide what I want to do in my 90 gallon tank and am wondering--what have your experiences/preferences been with Kuhlis vs Dwarf Chain Loaches? I've always found Kuhlis appealing and have wanted to keep them because of their snake-yness, but after seeing @Irene's videos, those Dwarf Chain Loaches are awfully cute and might eat some of my little tiny pest snails--which IMO would be GREAT! I know lots of people like the little snails, and I like some snails, but the little pond snails drive me nuts! I know that the Dwarf Chain Loaches are much pricier, but it would be doable to get a group of 8-12. I'd likely get around 10 Kuhlis if I went that route. I hear Kuhlis hide most of the time, but I also hear that the Dwarf Chain Loaches occasionally have issues with long-finned tankmates. Kuhlis and an alternate option for the snails would also be a good option--but I want to keep the nerites and some of the ramshorns, so I haven't gone the assassin snail route. Thoughts? Other tankmates will include: Guppies Platys Corys An Angelfish Hillstream loaches Temp 78, PH 8.0-8.2, GH around 300, KH 200
  4. Hi everyone. Fairly new to the hobby and have recently set up a small quarantine tank that's now cycled (NH4 - 0, NO2 - 0, NO3 - 10). Have seen the videos on using the 3 pack quarantine meds. Unfortunately, we can't buy them where we are and have resorted to having salt, Seachem Paraguard and API melafix on hand. We want to get some dwarf chain loaches but aren't sure how to quarantine them properly. Worried about dosing as have seen a lot about not using additional meds, especially on scale less fish. Any tips or guidance would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, am just setting up a mega flex I got for my birthday over a year ago. Haven't had an aquarium for 18 years so a bit out of touch. Just going to put together a community setup and wondered if I can house 4 or 5 dwarf chain loach with a bristlenose ? Thanks from New Zealand
  6. i'm wanting to know how many i could comfortably put in a 30g, i'm building a tank around them so im open to size suggestions and want enough of them that they'll be a happy loach bunch. currently will be species only. any extra tips on them much appreciated, all ears. PS has anyone ever caught them clicking like other loaches?
  7. Think he was either being eaten or a bad bacterial infection I added maracyn and salt to the tank and isolated him in a breeder box that goes in the tank what else should I do! Any advice would be appreciated can i do daily water changes with the treating with maracyn since doing it daily or would it mess with it By doing that @Cory@Dean’s Fishroom@Candi anyone have this happened before ?
  8. Ordered some dwarf chain loaches from Aquahuna don’t know if he got it on his way here or just recently should doing stress guard be good enough daily or add salt or the maracyn? TIA
  9. Saw the video on them but it’s 3 minutes doesn’t say what temp is best for them how much current etc..
  10. I have not added anything to my 29g hospital/quarantine tank in years. Not plants. Not fish. Not decor. Yet, magically, a couple years ago, snails started showing up. Ar first, I didn't care so much because they do add waste to keep the nitrogen cycle going. However, now I'm thinking about trying my hand at plants and that tank is as good as a tank as any to start in. What I don't want is, to cause an infestation my other tanks... assuming I do okay at the plant project and start moving them around. No hitchhikers! So, all that to ask, what's the best fish to get that will eliminate snails and their eggs? I hear loaches, but there are a great many types to chose from. Is one type better than another?
  11. Going to start them off in my 10 gallon just them by themselves how many more can I add ? Or am I better off moving my shrimp to my 10 gallon and adding them to the 20 long with my guppy and guppy fry and let them feast on the snails?
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