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HS Classroom Tank Journal!


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Thank you @lefty o and @Jungle Fan and all of my forum fam - I appreciate your support more than you know! 💙

I was SO PROUD of little Spritz...I thought I was going to get to hang out with him for at least 3 more years.  I'm definitely feeling steamrolled by the whole situation.

Hopefully, Pete can hold down the fort in the community tank. 🤞 


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On 7/14/2021 at 7:59 AM, Betsy said:

I have some very very sad news...Spritz passed away some time during the night last night.

I've been trying to figure out what happened - I cannot believe he went that quickly!  Less than 2 days from obvious symptoms to death.

The only things I can think of are:

  • He was stressed/injured during transfer to my house, and a bacterial infection moved in.  That was on June 14th.
  • He was stressed during our 10 day vacation, and a bacterial infection moved in (I did have someone come in to feed, but she was only able to come over once...and when I returned home, Spritz was hiding...which is not his norm).  It's been two weeks since then. 
  • I pulled a plant out of the substrate on Sunday with the water change and transferred it to the 20.
  • There was something wrong with the water change I did on Sunday.  (But, by 20 L seems okay 🤞...so hopefully, it's not that!)
  • Overfeeding.

I'd love to know what happened so that I don't mess up again...but I'm not sure where to go from here.

Swim in peace sweet fish!! 💙

A blown out picture from Sunday:




Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that! :C

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  • 1 month later...

Added some Orange Rili Shrimp to the tank...the kids were FASCINATED...apparently, Sig and Figgy aren't charming enough...but throw in some cute shrimpies...INSTANT ADORATION! 😂

"What ARE those???"

"Are they going to get any bigger???"

"Oh my gosh...they're so weird!"

"Are those the shrimp that you were talking about last week??  We Googled them to see what they were like!"

"Eeeek!  They're so little and cute and FAST!"

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