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Hi everyone who comes across my post! I'm Shane and well I really like fish. Been keeping fish primarily livebearers for the past few years ended up selling a lot just because I made so many babies and life was good. I moved from houses and all my fish started dying. Didn't know how, didn't know why. I gave them "all they needed". So of course I began researching. One thing led to another to another and soon I went from somebody who just had some fish that pooped extra fish to actually understanding and caring. All this led me to aquarium Co-op along with some other places. But the coop is where I feel I belong. All this has most definitely hurt the wallet(going from a 20 high to 20+ different aquariums) but in the process my knowledge has grown immensely. I hope to open my own fish store one day. If anyone has questions about any livebearers I hope to be able to be the one to help you. Can't guarantee what I do is the best way but hey it works really well for me. That house change I was talking about, my water went from very hard(~200TDS) out of the tap to very very soft(~30TDS) out the tap. So to keep my livebearers take a bit of extra work. Anyone who has experience with Angels, Apistos, or Discus. I would love to hear from as my water is almost perfect out the tap for South American cichlids. Attached a couple pictures of my 2 main display tanks. 60 Cube with mollies, platies, and swords. and a 75 with angels a pearl gourami diamond tetras and a few bristlenose and other oddballs (farowella cat, sterbais, kuhli loach, probably a couple others I'm forgetting)


also love discussing hardware. Filters, skimmers, media, etc

Always open to constructive criticism, I truly believe you can devote your life to this hobby and not even scratch the surface. Knowledge is always better in the form of a collective. Thank you everyone.


ps the photos were taken at the time of the post so not  perfectly pristine tanks, we all know that only lasts for a few days.  




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Welcome Shane - what beautiful tanks! I've never experienced really soft water like you have now, but we've seen Cory keep lots of stuff successfully in it with soft water before his last move.

I've got really hard water but had never really been into livebearers before finding the Co-op, but my endlers thrive in our water and finding babies often (ditto for our shrimp) is always exciting!

Would love to hear about what your diamond tetras are like in terms of behavior and with other fish. I'm planning south American 75s that will have angels and geos in one tank and tetras, etc., in the other. Really love the diamonds but wondered if they are bullies to other types like neons, etc?

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Thank you all for your warm welcome 🙂 looking forward to learning and sharing with all

@Jawjagrrl In my experience with the diamond tetras they tend to stay mostly docile. They get along seamlessly with head and tail light tetras they can't tell the difference between each other it seems. I have also kept them with rummy nose and noticed at times they would school together. I will occasionally see what looks the be a bit of a spar but nothing crazy. Their temperament seems very similar to smaller tetras except they seem less afraid of larger fish and school rather loosely. They do eat VERY aggressively, if you could call it that. I have to way overfeed my 75 because the diamonds will ravage every scrap of food before any other fish know there is food in there. I think keeping them with other tetras would be perfectly fine as most tetras are pretty quick when it comes to eating just make sure your diamonds aren't getting chunky while nothing else grows.

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Welcome. I can relate--I kept goldfish for years in one place and then moved a few states away and never got my water right again...whatever I had done that worked in one place just did not work in the other. 

Your tanks look great, I'm always happy to see livebearers and I'm planning for diamond tetras to be my tank-iversary gift to myself this year 🙂

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