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Hello there! My name is Joe and I have been in the fish keeping hobby for 4 years now. I started on a 10g free to me take it tank that evolved into madness! 

Now that my headfirst jump into everything spell is over I am looking to downsize to what I truly enjoy and just get really good at it. 

My "planted" 125g Is okay but I am going to be going full aqua soil co2 plants are bomb trim them always type of thing. For that ill be looking to this community!  


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Ill keep you all posted with new posts no doubt! So far the plan to start is to fill a 90 gallon tote I have get it to temperature 80degrees and since we are getting into the warm months here in Dirty Jerzy my garage shouldn't have any issues maintaining that.  Then move the fish to their temporary home.  Re-do my scape & substrate get it back running for at least week to get the ammonia out since apparently aquasoil does that. Then my friends can be added back to their new home. 😃


But that's the thing about plans right!??!?!?

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