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lover of fish joins the chat:)


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Hi! I’m an Oregon resident. I have been keeping fish for like all my life, my mom got me and my little sister the usual livebearers, kuhli loaches, african dwarf frogs, and bettas (luckly never in bowls!) as kids. We didn’t really know what we were doing… I got a ten gallon tank about 4 years ago and had about 3-4 platys at a time in it, all fake decor and such. It’s only recently, like two years ago I upgraded to a 40 gallon for my platys and got a betta, my last platy is 4 years old now!! I have live plants and kuhli loaches again as well as 12 black neon tetras. My betta Kosho was in a sad sorority situation but she is super sweet with the right company, she only ever eats the occasional platy fry, which, fair, I would too. (The black neon and all my neons actually were adopted, the one with the bump on her chin is named Bumpy and the one with the bump on his back and long tail is Lumpy.) (Also, the silverish white and red platy (named white) is the 4 year old one, she looks a bit more sickly now, moved to the hospital tank, but still kicking and living her best life!) I get very chatty when it comes to my pets lol

Also my mice couldn’t resist:33418A639-C0C3-4302-8AFB-D16C8416C824.jpeg.2ce5a206c1af75871dc34c347646e634.jpeg90533936-8F8C-4737-A33F-9C44F4D5F86D.jpeg.a16a120f235270c89c806dfdb2edd970.jpegB8DC552C-EFEC-497F-A1B2-ADD51D4CC338.jpeg.b59a1475fa2e39190151289b277d4c62.jpegD7D6FFEC-A07F-4088-984E-E67579F038A4.jpeg.5aaf9798ed40b3a6a5581cc935bb65c8.jpegF7A7B10B-A383-445F-BAAF-80261A6770EC.jpeg.f9c06c255398c51676573f15b1a6e585.jpeg

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