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Monster fish and Fancy Guppies

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Hi Everyone,

longtime listener and follower and decided to finally jump in and become a member and join the forum. I have a 300 (for now) of monster fish (datnoids, bichir, clown knife, African arowana)

but i got the guppy bug and have devoted a few tanks and will be building a guppy rack. I have a 100 and 265 gallon I want to fill with colorful dragon type guppies. I also started a small colony of 24k gold guppies. 

I have some anacharis elodea i love as well as guppy grass and some java fern.

i have plans for a fish shed with a 2-4k gallon and maybe some guppy racks now!

Excited to join such an active forum and learn more about guppies and community fish.







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