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  1. Just a random thought that is ngawing away at me. What happens to fishes that no one buys? What is the fish store gonna do with them? Especially those types of fish that grows to be quite large. Oscars, blood parrots etc. I have a very gigantic angel fish at my local fish store. It looks old. What would the fish store do with unsold fishes? Any thoughts?
  2. Welcome to the forum! Great to have you onboard! I started out with a 1 feet tank too. And one thing led to another and i now have 8 two feet tanks and not to mention my initial 1 feet tank. 😎 I am also very much into live bearers just that mine is mollies and platies.
  3. I aspire to be like your uncle!!! Never having to buy fish ever again becaue my fishes are breeding and providing me with new fishes! Very very true! We want ALL of the fish but our spaces are so limited... No clove oil. Nothing. Just flush the fish down the toilet! Very shocking to me! The fish was just swimming in an odd way and my friend concluded that it is in a weaken state and flushed it away. And he happily went to buy a new replacement fish the very next day. Shocking!!!
  4. Me too. I like to watch my fish mature and grow big. I buy them small and watch them grow. My friends are the exact opposite whereby they buy large adult fish. Something like a shortcut for them.
  5. This thought creeped into my mind because a few of my friends (i got to know them because of our common interest in fish keeping) seem to be buying fish every other day! This tuesday they went to a discus farm and each of them purchased a few discus. Then today they went to another shop where they got a few plecos. They each have a 4 feet aquarium and they fill their aquarium up with nearly 30 plus fishes! 😱 And they have a habit of to flushing away (down the toilet bowl) any fish that appears to them to have weaken. Then they will go buy another new fish to replace it!!! Unbelievable!!!
  6. Hi there! Hope everyone and their fishes are safe and well. Just a random thought. How often do fish keepers buy new fishes? Weekly? Monthly? Do fishkeepers buy new fishes to refill their tanks after old fishes die? Or for some other reasons?
  7. Welcome aboard! Fellow mts sufferer here. 🤣
  8. I use a mirror to distract my parrot whenever i need to stick my hand into her tank. She will be occupied "fighting" her image in the mirror. This way i dont have to get bitten by her. As for the most annoying thing my tetras would do is jumping out of the tank. Usually i would be able to save them and put them back into the tank. But today one of them finally managed to commit suicide. 😓 I found it this morning on the floor. All dried up... Must have jumpedout last night.
  9. Wow 23 tanks! Very very impressive!!! I wish to become like you some day. 😎
  10. I'd would love to have an asian arowana. Red arowana to be precise. But i currently don't have a tank big enough. Maybe in a few years time. 😎
  11. When i was a kid, I used to collect molly fries and guppy fries in coffee powder jars. 🤣 Couldn't afford to buy plastic containers with the lunch money that i saved.
  12. Thanks for the reply! Knee deep in mollies! That would be awesome!!! 😁😁😁 A little update - the males have started chasing the females around this morning. But the male black mollies are still keeping to themselves...
  13. Thank you so much! You have never failed in guiding and teaching me. Once again thank you! 😁
  14. Hi guys! Hope everyone and their fishes are safe and well! A little update:- I finally moved into my new home and i have dedicated a room for my fishes! So excited to finally have my very own fish room! Over the past few months i have grown attached to mollies. For the moment i have finished setting up my 6 tanks in my fish room. 1 community tank with 5 tetras and 11 adult mollies (4 male black mollies & 5 female assorted mollies & 2 male assorted mollies). 2nd tank is occupied by 4 angels. 3rd is occupied by a blood parrot. I have dedicated the remaining 3 tanks for my mollies (I will eventually sort the mollies that i have in the communtiy tank according to gender into the 3 tanks when the baby mollies grow up). 1 tank for males. Another for females. And the last one for babies. I currently have around 50 baby mollies. Now i noticed that my male black mollies are ignoring the female assorted mollies. The biggest male black molly is chasing the 3 other smaller black mollies trying to mate with them. Will black mollies mate with assorted mollies? I hope my black mollies will eventually mate with my assorted mollies.
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