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  1. Update: I bought 8 kg Jun Master Soil NEXT. I'm now considering putting it in mesh bags and then capping with black soil on top.
  2. Thank you. I'm looking for more answers
  3. Hello everyone. Hope all is well. I'm about to setup a 20 long. Iwagumi (dwarf hairgrass carpet with vallisneria background) I am confused as to what to go with for the substrate. Here are precisely the two things I need help with: 1. Should I go for: Potting soil + Sand Aquasoil + Sand Aquasoil only 2. If picking one of the aquasoil options, please help me choose one of these: ADA Amazonia Ver 2 Tropica Jun Master Soil Denerlee Scapers Soil Anubias Japanese Soil Platinum Soil Amazon Soil Let me know if pics are any of these soil packets needed as some of these aren't available internationally. I appreciate any and all help, thanks!
  4. Just wanted to add, when treating fin rot, it is important to keep his immunity strong. Feed good quality food and don't let the water temp drop. I can see he's improving. Good luck!
  5. So sorry to hear about your betta passing away 😞 You can plant the anubias in soil I'm pretty sure. Just make sure the rhizomes aren't buried. Alternatively, if you plan on making a terrarium anytime soon, anubias makes for a great choice.
  6. Thank you for the warm welcome 🙂
  7. Thank you! I used tea. A couple days later I discovered we have a huge almond tree in my complex. Unfortunately it's winter so it's got new green leaves. I took some and left them to dry. Will be using them the next time I want to add tannins.
  8. Today I added tannins to my tank to make it false bw. I know it'll be golden for my Betta. Looks super cool too. I also added a sheet of paper inside my bracket light to reduce the brightness. My android camera doesn't do justice to the tank. It's not as bright irl and the water looks perfect.
  9. First try at a baked cheesecake. My dumbass forgot to thaw the cream cheese and hence a very thick batter, causing cracks. I covered it with strawberry compote later though so no one sees the oopsie I made 🥲
  10. I forgot to show the filter modification I did to reduce flow. My internal filter's air outlet also throws out water at a decent rate and it was good current for my guppies. Had to modify it for the betta though. I took a piece of PVC, used my soldering iron to make a hole and tightly pushed it into the filter output. I also rotated the spray bar so it hits the glass instead of pushing the water around. It's a 1 feet cube so it was causing a slight tornado of sorts. Bonus: Nerite taking a shower 🤣 Here's a random pic of Santa chilling in a pot.
  11. Welcome to the community! Just like you I planned (and added) a single albino cory to my tank. Quickly after, I discovered it'd mostly sit still and not move much. I rehomed it to the corydora tank at my LFS and now everytime I visit I see that albino cory super happy and active. This goes out to show that corydoras are all shoaling fish and love company of their own kind. Like Pepere said above, I'd suggest you to get more albino corys. Unlike some species, corys don't really stress each other out so the male:female ratio shouldn't matter, and you should be fine picking up a random bunch of albino corys from the shop. 36g is pretty large so it increases your options significantly. You should get more glo tetras to form a school of 6 minimum. Of course the more the merrier. For centerpiece fish, try some kind of rams (if you want more than one centerpiece fish), or just a single Angelfish for the very reason Pepere stated above. You could look into some kind of cichlids too. Of course make sure to read the care guide for each species before getting them. Good luck!
  12. I usually mix flour and salt and then make a well in the centre. I add lukewarm milk, powdered sugar and yeast in the middle and gently stir. It usually ferments well but this time it wasn't great. Maybe I should only put a little milk for the fermentation and add the rest later. I had used the entire cup of milk for it - might have been what caused it to underferment.
  13. It was good, just heavy. I don't use any improver and I can't source fresh yeast, so dry yeast is all I got. Maybe I should let it prove for longer than just 2 hours to get better gluten webbing.
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