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  1. Just regular golfish, the ones for 35 or 14 cents.
  2. Hi! I am Sam Smith, a beginner. My family has a 10-gallon tank that is older than me! We had lots of different fish, and at some point we also had aquatic frogs. Now the tank has 4 goldfish. I actually don't take care of it too much; they just seem to stay healthy with just food given to them every night and a filter running. I used to feed them every other night, but they were eating each other's fins! Now they stopped, and they look very nice! It has a piece of driftwood in it that I got from a friend when he was redecorating his 75-gallon. I also have a lot of creeping jenny that I picked from my garden in there. They grow roots within about 1 week. I took some land moss that did not have roots, and it is still alive in there for a few months already! I don't have gravel, but there are seashells I collected from the beach covering most of the bottom. Here is something interesting about goldfish: you can train them! I always feed them in the same corner, at the same time. Now every night at that time they are in that corner! I also have a 5-gallon tank with Ghost shrimp and snails. I just got it this week! The snails are also from a friend. They look like trumpet snails. They already started breeding! (Click here to see it.) I don't mind if they overpopulate; I think it looks cool! I plan on putting some in the goldfish tank when I have a lot of them. The goldfish will control the population. I also want to make a separate small breeding container. I don't have a filter yet, but I ordered one and it will hopefully come on Monday. I am also planning on getting more shrimp on Friday. I plan on eventually getting small fish. Maby neon tetras, guppies, or another small fish? Let me know what you this is good. If I get guppies and they overpopulate, I will probably give my friend the males and keep the females, or vice-versa. Oh, and the tank itself has gravel and 2 pieces of driftwood with some aquatic plants, creeping jenny, and moss. Here is my idea for everyone. You can make a semi-water semi-land aquarium and put in amphibians like frogs and salamanders! Thank you for reading through this. Sam Smith
  3. Here is the pictures of my snails breeding! Hope you enjoy! Sorry, my videos are too big, so I cannot upload them.
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