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Hello everyone. Hope all is well. I'm about to setup a 20 long. Iwagumi (dwarf hairgrass carpet with vallisneria background)

I am confused as to what to go with for the substrate. Here are precisely the two things I need help with:

1. Should I go for:

  • Potting soil + Sand
  • Aquasoil + Sand
  • Aquasoil only

2. If picking one of the aquasoil options, please help me choose one of these:

  • ADA Amazonia Ver 2
  • Tropica
  • Jun Master Soil
  • Denerlee Scapers Soil
  • Anubias Japanese Soil
  • Platinum Soil
  • Amazon Soil

Let me know if pics are any of these soil packets needed as some of these aren't available internationally.

I appreciate any and all help, thanks!

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I’d do sand and aquasoil in mesh bags so that they don’t mix with the sand if ever you decide to redo the setup. I just removed some bags of aquasoil from my tanks and I didn’t have any issues with mixing. 

I’m pretty biased towards Controsoil because it doesn’t leech ammonia (or at least very very little if it does)

If you’ll do a fish less cycle I suggest ADA or Tropica. I don’t have any experience with the other brands but I know that the ones I mentioned do release ammonia. It can help cycle your tank and since you won’t need to dose ammonia and the plants will love it. 

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