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Found 17 results

  1. I keep many small aquariums in my apartment, mostly Walstad-style, with organic soil from a local composting spot. I enjoy running really stable ecosystems. These photos don't show much of the fish and shrimp. I also keep some outdoor tubs here in Vermont. Cheers, Jason
  2. I have my Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea, which is caffeen free and contains the following: Chamomile, spearmint, leamongrass, Tilia flowers, blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, hawthorn and rosebuds Has anyone done testing and/or used any of these particular ingredients for adding tannins, treating disease, de-stressing fish etc... or are you aware of any negative side-effects of using any of these ingredients? Will this put my fish to sleep ;~? x~D
  3. After a large water change, I sometimes add Rooibos tea bags to slightly up the tannins in certain of my aquariums. Here, I’ve added 2x Rooibos tea bags to my 55 gal Discus tank. It just slightly “tints” the water. Fish love it. I like the look too.
  4. Ok. I have a 52 gal 36 wide 12 front to back and 24 high. I'm looking to make this a blackwater tank. 3 to 5 discus and a few others. Maybe a small army of pigmy cory 10 or more. I want this tank to be pretty dark. Would someone well versed in blackwater tank give me a checklist? Interwebs has been pretty convoluted on what I will need. I have the tank,stand, air pump and light at this point. What else do I need? Filtration? Substrate? I know I'll have drift wood and anubias to attach to said wood. If I put ADA in, can I have cardina shrimp? Feel add anything you might think I need. I also have other black water questions in the forums
  5. Do tannins in the water from driftwood affect color of test strips or liquid test kit?
  6. Hey guys I have tannins in one of my tanks was a whole group of red coral platys! Do you know how to get rid of them. I heard seachem purigen works. Should I try it??
  7. Moved out all the rowdy African Cichlids from this tank. Added wood. Added plants. Added tannins. Oh my! This single pair of Bristlenose Plecos—gold male, Brown female—are loving it! There’s going to be many, many more Plecos in here if I’m a good guesser...
  8. If there's already a thread about this, I'm sorry, but I'm a new member and haven't really got a hang of it yet. My question is this: I've bought fancy spider wood, quite a lot actually, it's a problem I have. I have a small tank going, it's supposed to become a quarantine tank. I'm starting up the main tank, 190 gallons, and my problem is this: I want to get rid of at least most of the tannin, the plan is to keep the Ph as high as possible, so I've soaked it in a barrel, the wood, and keep changing the water - and yes, the water becomes less and less tea'ish. But I can see that there are flakes of "bacteria mass" floating. Gunk. What do I do? I get that stagnant water is gonna create organic matter that aren't that fun. When I'm done. How do I get rid of the gunk? (I'm not sure if "gunk" is actually a word in English, but I hope you get what I mean).
  9. Shrimp are kind of a white whale thing for me currently as I’ve tried keeping them twice but didn’t succeed either time. The first time I believe was due to molting issues and the second was really unexplained. My water is very hard at about 17 degrees gh and 15 kh. Now the first time I used only my water and lost all the shrimp and did see molting issues. The second time I used 50/50 RO to my water. I still lost all the shrimp and still saw molting issues although less. I did daily tests with the second batch and was sitting around 8-9 gh and 7 kh. Has anyone ever kept neocardinia in hard water. If so what were your experiences?
  10. I started an accidental experiment by waiting too long to bring my tubs inside at the end of the summer. I ended up with a bunch of maple leaves in my tubs, covered in snails. I moved the tubs inside and dumped some leaves in each tub, but I had a bunch left. I put those in a bucket with a Co-Op Sponge filter to try to keep the snails alive, and see what would happen. I sampled some water a couple of weeks ago, and tested it last night: I decided to feed the test water to some houseplants.
  11. I grabbed some wild pieces of drift wood and boiled them for 3 plus hours but they are still releasing tannins into my water. What can I do to stop this???
  12. I have a very large piece of driftwood looks like a smalle tree trunk. Want to put it in a 125 gallon tank, but I don't want brown water. Will soaking it 24 hours a-day and changing water every morning get the tanning out? If not is it safe to varnish the wood, and will plants grow on it afterwards? Also will it make the wood look weird?
  13. Setting up 125 g planted tank w/ 3 large sponge filters. Have 2 large wood pieces each end of tank. Now 4th day of new plants. Very dark with tannins. Fluval 3.0 at 50% power for first few weeks. Looks so dark! Should I up power b/c of dark water?
  14. After I boil a piece of driftwood; is it ok to use the tannin water in my aquarium?
  15. What's peoples experience with using rooibos tea as a tannin .
  16. Seized


    Tannins are such a great part of aquariums in my opinion. Its almost like having aquarium salt in your tank but a more passive approach to fish meds. Tannins have anitfungal and antibacterial properties and not to mention if you use rooibos tea in your tanks you can get lots of antioxidants for your fish. The only downside is if your not doing blackwater tanks it may be annoying to have a orangey yellow hue to your water but if you are careful with how much you add its just fine. Another alternative is using API melafix. Everyone has there opinions about if melafix is useful or not. But i tend to think it has great benefits to tanks regardless. Let me know what your thoughts are on this topic and please let me know if i missed anything.
  17. I added the first fish to the tank. Three Vin Rio Tetras. I'm hoping to get more when my LFS can. It's a 75 gallon tank and has been seasoning since the beginning of May. I'm planning to add more botanicals back in to darken the water again. Next up out of QT will be a group of Lemon Tetras.
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