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Betta Retirement Tank Ideas


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Hello everybody

I have this red plakat betta that has been the absolute best breeder, father, and colorful. After having many many successful batches of fry from this one fish and many other females, I've been thinking about a retirement tank for him as he deserves something great because he's given me so much joy. I would love to hear y'alls thoughts on what I should add to this blank slate. And what you wouldn't recommend (like how floating mirrors are terrible. 

Thank you!

PS. I never named him, so if you have suggestions, drop them below. He is aggressive but won't hurt a female betta for breeding 



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My betta lives in a 15-gallon tall tank, and I find that the height makes him a happy camper because, while he does occupy all the space at different times during the day, he spends most of his time near the top in the plants. However, his second favorite lounging spot is in the middle of a Java fern, so I recommend plants of different heights around your aquarium, and include some floating plants as well. 

As for names, mine doesn't have one either. He knows who he is, and he doesn't have to tell me his Fish Name for us to have a great relationship. 

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