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Best high pH, hard water plants?

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I'm not much of a plant keeper, just trying to learn the ropes, but I didn't know if someone had compiled a list of plants that do well in high pH, hard water? My pH is usually somewhere around 8.9-9.3, kh and gh are off the scales that test strips have.  Some plants I have had pretty decent luck with, others not so much.  

I have had good luck with java moss, java Fern (although I really don't like them), some sort of lily, i believe it is a dwarf aquarium lily.  And crypt wendti green and bronze.  

I have had bad luck with swords of different varieties, blue hygro, hornwort, pennywart, and some tissue culture java ferns.

Thank you in advance!

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Mine isn't quite as bad as yours; my pH is 8.2.  I've also had good luck with crypts and java moss.  Other than those two, water wisteria and guppy grass are probably the ones that do best for me.  I constantly have to thin out the guppy grass.  It's done especially well in a tub outside.  I often move it aside when feeding the guppies so it's not so difficult for the adults to reach the surface.  I frequently have to trim the water wisteria.  It will reach the top of the water in my 65 gallon tank.

I've had decent success with vallisneria, anarcharis, pearl weed, and ozelot swords.

I have mixed results with hornwort.  It doesn't seem to do very well in my tanks in the house, but it's growing like crazy outside in a guppy/shrimp tub in full shade.  We've had a unusually rainy summer so far, so maybe all that rain water has lowered the pH, or maybe the lighting is just right?  I noticed a couple weeks ago that the growing tips were yellowish, so I started dosing once a week with Easy Green, and it seemed to have an immediate effect.  No more yellow.

I ordered some subwassertang in December of 2019 and put it in my 10 gallon red shrimp tank.  It was a beautiful green ball that slowly faded away until I thought it had all died, but a few months ago I noticed a few green bits.  Now it's growing fairly well, and looks good, but I wouldn't try it in your water.

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On 7/21/2021 at 10:41 AM, Ben P. said:

My pH is usually somewhere around 8.9-9.3, kh and gh are off the scales that test strips have. 

Mine's not so bad - pH 7.8, GH 15 (using equilibrium). Successful plants I have that weren't mentioned in your original post are vallisneria, dwarf sag, and duckweed. (The dwarf sag took months to start growing though.)

Edit: Oh! And 2 kinds of anubias!

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