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  1. I've currently got quite a few mutt guppies (real pretty but no specific strain) green lantern platies. I don't really have any local stores, closest ones are about an hour and a half away, contacted them anyways, they don't buy local fish. I really would like to get something out of them. They are taking up space I want for breeding rainbows. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've never shipped fish before so that scares me and every time I try to post something on Facebook it gets taken down. Thank you in advance! Accidentally put this post in the wrong tab, meant to put in general discussion
  2. I kind of think that fish price should be more reflective of adult size of fish. Small fish cheaper, larger fish more expensive. It would keep people from buying Oscars and common plecos and even goldfish. I personally kept a Florida gar for about 5 years. It was one of my first fish and I ended up buying multiple tanks to accommodate his growth. If I would have been fully aware of how big he got beforehand, I wouldn't have gotten him at all. Ended up being very expensive to keep after buying large tanks and feeders weekly. I can at least say I have mine a good home, most people just get rid of them by either killing or dropping them off at the pet store
  3. Honestly I wouldn't worry about it. Just feed crushed flakes of any kind and feed them at least twice daily. I find my platys are either uninterested or too lazy to eat them. Just give em a bit of cover and you'll be fine. Worst case, the parents eat them and you'll have more fry in about a month
  4. That's kinda what I was thinking with kh and gh so high. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what ro unit they like or have had success with? I'm thinking of using on roughly 12 tanks
  5. Would the whole thing just be easier if I just installed an ro filter and use it on the tanks I want it for? The fish I'm wanting to breed will not breed in my current water parameters of pH at almost 9 and kh and gh off the scales of tetra test strips. Good old Iowa liquid concrete water
  6. I've been researching how to lower pH, I really don't like the look of tannins and also don't want to use and chemicals to do it. I saw a video from lrb aquatics on using spaghnum moss to lower pH naturally with no tannins. I was wondering if anyone had tried it, and it you have, what did you think of it and did it work?
  7. So in this setup do you move the parents to a breeding tank to have them drop their eggs or do you just keep them together all the time with this setup?
  8. Doesn't putting the java moss on top kind of defeat the purpose of the stones?
  9. Yeah it's something like that. I got a quote about a week ago from him. I would suggest you get juveniles though, they ship and acclimate easier.
  10. I'm considering putting a school of Odessa barbs from Greg sage into a spare 55. I have watched Greg's videos on breeding the Odessa's but honestly it seems like he's overcomplicating it. I was wondering if anyone has breed them, and how you did it? I was wondering if there was a way to utilize spawning mops and pick the eggs like I do with rainbows. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Typically you will use a spawning mops, there are lots of videos online on how to make them. They will lay the eggs in a floating mop, pull the mop daily and remove the eggs. Put the eggs in a floating container with water and a drop of inch x in your tank you have the parents in. Wait for them to hatch, hatch time depends on species, not really sure on threadfin. After they hatch, feed sera micron or golden pearls. The real challenge is keeping the fry alive. Best source for me has been jadren aquatics on YouTube. He has videos on rainbow breeding and fry raising
  12. For me it works best to just monitor nitrates. If you feed heavily like I do, likely your nitrates are high enough that you don't need fertilizer at all, and adding it could and will make an algae bloom. I stopped using fertilizer altogether because I feed heavily enough to keep nitrates between 10 and 20 all the time anyways. But also yes, the lights you are using don't help, just be careful with lights because plant lights are traditionally overpowered in a 20 long, you will likely have to turn light power down
  13. I would probably try it. Not really any risks for you right now, you'll never know until you try and will always wonder what could have been!
  14. I vote yes for this reason. Maggots pretty much only eat rotting/dead flesh or organic material. Due to that in history maggots have been used to clean wounds by packing them into the wound and allowing them to remove the dead flesh which helped prevent infections. With all that in mind, it was an effective treatment, do I'm pretty sure I would feed them to my fish, just never thought of it as a possibility!
  15. I would assume they would be the same as all other rainbows. Have you bred others?
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