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  1. I did try a piece of insulation board, the foam stuff under the second tank. Didn't seem to help.
  2. I have a guppy tank in a location that unfortunately the floor heaves and moves a bit throughout the year. Yes it is the only spot I have to place the tank. Yes the stand is solid. 2nd floor of a late 1800s house. This movement has caused me to loose 2 seperate 10gal standard glass tanks. The seals blow out at the bottom. I have had my guppies in a clear tote for the last 6 months or so and would like to find something better to put them in. The tote is starting to bow out on the ends, will need to add additional support. Would a plastic or acrylic tank work here? I do have access to a good old slate bottom metal framed tank. But I really don't want to risk it in this location.
  3. I've never had a petsmart water test done. But I would be more worried abut the .5 ammonia reading. That along with a nitirite above zero means your tank is NOT cycled and will kill or damage most fish. Do you have fish still in the 5 gallon? Does it have the rings or a sponge in the filter? I would take the "used" media out of the 5 gal and place in the new tank. Fit it in the filter if possible or place near the bubble wall. You will need to add some kind of food source for the new tank bacteria. I'm not certain on the new recommended method, but I would add a pinch or 2 of fish food then wait a week and retest your water.
  4. Have you had this die off when tieing the plants on? Its not as convienient as glue but it will rule out the glue causing this.
  5. This is the style of slate bottom tank I have. Its a 5 gallon and beautiful. Also have a 29gal in the same style. And here is a current tank pic 3 months post transfer. Needs a top off and a scrub. 🤫
  6. I didnt end up looking for the leak on it. It may still be sitting in the corner. 😁 The only tank I have ever repaired was my old metal framed slate bottom tank. Its easier to do with a frame. The fish and plants are growing in nicely will try to grab an update pic tonight. Latches and lids are a necessity with cats. One of my boys like to pull out the sponge filters by the hose. Repeatedly. 🤨
  7. That took far longer then I wanted it too. Some fin damage and will have to wait for help to come home to move the old tank and find the leak. It looks like the stand had shifted. Old, old house problems. Nothings ever level.
  8. I think its the bottom seam, no chance of saving it as a lefty. Hoping I can scrape some of the moss up. It formed naturally. Dislocated my R elbow, tore ligaments and tendons. 😑
  9. My 10 gal planted guppy tank sprung a leak. Been blaming the wet spots on my cats. 🤨 But nope, leaking. I know I will loose my moss wall but any recs on best way to transfer to a new tank? There are a Lot of babies and I am down the use of my right arm. Water and fish to a bucket? Then substrate and plants to new tank?
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