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  1. Well shoot - I haven’t cleaned them yet, I’m trying to pick out all the glow stones though.
  2. Here is a pic of it - not sure where else to find more info about the filter. How do you know about it not being enough bacteria? Trying to suck it all in lol.
  3. You’re probably referring to the old aquarium - it was a bit high but since we were getting ready to switch over we were told not to do anything with the old tank. I’ll circle the new tank numbers in purple - I’ll take a new strip test and post that too. We did NOT have the glow rocks in the old aquarium. I can take out all the glow rocks and re-clean all the decorations too.
  4. Well the snail and loach are still alive. All the decorations were cleaned with only warm water no chemicals, and all bought from a pet store. The temp is the exact same as the small tank at 76. We cycled the new tank for 2 weeks so bubble wall was on, aqua safe was added, along with slime coat, and filter cartridge was left in the whole time so that there would be beneficial bacteria growing. Water was clear a few days after setting up, then went through the cloudy stage a few days while found through the bacteria colonization, then cleared up again. I tested it myself every day. I will attach the water comp
  5. Can you please help us figure out why our glo fish tetras are not surviving our tank transfers? We had 3 in a 5 gallon and as soon as we transfer them to our brand new 20 gallon they died. At first we thought it was the bubble wall making too much current - as we found all 3 inside a decoration dead. We have had our water tested every time before transferring and it’s perfect. So we turned off the bubble wall and had the water tested again- same thing, 3 new fish all three died over night. I don’t understand, as we acclimated them and made sure they were good before releasing them. And it’s weird because the first three were fine in their tiny tank, but died in the much bigger tank. The pet store cannot figure out what is wrong, and we are just looking for advice as we love tetras, they are our favorite fish, we love their personalities, but won’t buy more until we can figure this out. Any suggestions? We buy 3 at a time so they have a school to swim with, in hopes of buying more in a few weeks, but we can’t get the tank started up. I’ll send picture of our setup. The first pic is how we found one of the most recent dead fish, the other two were on the floor. The second pic is where we found all 3 inside that three dead. Thanks so much everyone.
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