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  1. This recently built tank stand new shrimp tank from a disaster and 55tall now just gotta stock
  2. I got new aquariam for gold fish going to pick them up tomorrow on way home from work. But here is pic. I washed the gravel but still a lil cloudy. Ordering drift wood for too. For anyone one who doesn't know me very well I love rocks! Lol think posted upside down🤢🤣
  3. Bigdog99 thank you....I did send an email and got an answer with in 24hours. I'm in NY and they in Washington State.....time difference in all think sent kinda late but 24 hours is still amazing
  4. Water wisteria is a nice addition and there are a lot of tutorials out there on individual plants don't be afraid to peek. Aquariam coop also posts there. When I see something I like I try looking those videos for care and propigation
  5. I like the drawing I like drawing
  6. Ok thank you everybody. This helps
  7. I liked those and the one lil bigger with folds too.....was think galvanized because taller is all....harder for predicted get fish
  8. I want to put a planted above ground pond in green House I want to get in the spring. Thinking a galvanized horse through about 100 gal with plants and tap so can use poopy water to water plants in greenn house....any thoughts?
  9. Doesn't this inverdabrets and micro organisms serve as food Like worm to compost pile
  10. Has any one made a tank substrate with crick or river bed then added plants to that made all natural tank
  11. Now I need more plants and new lids any fun suggestions on plants? I have horn wort crips water wisteria Amazon sward. When one of my offshoots gets alil bigger a dwarf sag will go in there
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