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Hello from Europe - Switzerland


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Hello everyone, my name is Nik. I have been keeping fish for about 5 years, in my 180 liter (around 50gallon)planted tank. It went through many changes as I moved around and had a lot of different fish. Currently I have 2 angelfish, 1 blue gourami, 2 bristle nose plecos(female) and 3 assassin snails. I also have a 20gallon plastic box with 60 baby blue gouramies. I had a female blue gourami, the pair mated in January, hence the babies. I wasn't planning on breeding the gouramies they just bred in the community tank, and I took the eggs out and hatched them. Sadly the female died soon after due to swim bladder issues. 

I'm hopping to continue keeping and breeding fish (especially plecos) as well as to learn more about the fish keeping hobby in general. I'm also planning to add more fish to the tank, because I know I can comfortably house more fish, as the tank is heavily planted (6 amazon swords, 4 anubius, and some ludwigia) and filtered by a EHIEM Biopower 240. I would love to hear suggestion and advice on both subjects, and I will be posting more specific treads soon. 

I would upload a picture but I don't have it just yet. I promise I will get it as soon as possible!


Nik N


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