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Favourite L-number pleco

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Hi team,

Just thought I'd start a new topic on the species(?) I'm in love with...... L-number Plecos! I'm currently keeping

1. 6x L270 Chocolate Zebra: I've had these for 2.5yrs and they are finally breeding. Very cute but reclusive fish.

2. 3x L600 : these are pretty rare (and ridiculously expensive) in my neck of the woods. All 3 are babies at only 3cm but I have the 6x2x2 tank ready for them when they are ready to spawn in 3-5 years ūü§£

In Australia we have a really limited selection but I'm still trying to get my hands on some L24 and my holy grail fish L95!

So, who else is keeping these beautiful fish and what's on the wish list?

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My favorites are the L333 King tiger and the L260 Queen Arabesque. I have a group of the 333 that I got as 1.5" babies and have been growing them for a couple years. This fall I am going to reset their tank and hopefully get them to spawn, I just got some of the 260 last fall and have them growing, but hope to breed them here eventually.

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I keep two types at the moment the L129 and the L169s. I havent noticed any breeding just yet could be too old now or  possible they are more sensitive to my atmospheric conditions at about 2774 meters in altitude up here in Colorado USA. I havent ever seen male odontodes or any size differences but have had fighting before. I suppose I may only have females or onlybhave males somehow but that seems nearly impossible with groups of 6. Still working on both it would be neat to make some plecos.  

Current pleco groups

* 6xL129 Colombian Zebra Pleco (Hypancistrus debilittera) recieved  2017

* 6xL169 Gold Stripe Panaque (Panaqolus sp. L169) recieved 2017-2018

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