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Angelfish aren't angels


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šŸ¤” lesson learned. My Angelfish isn't such an angel. He's eaten 13 of 14 Neon Tetras :(
If I do get some more I'll set up a 10 gallon tank as a grow out tank and raise them until they're big enough to go in with him. He hasn't bothered the Cardinal Tetras at all. They're roughly twice the size as the Neons were.

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If I remember correctly, neons are the primary natural food source for the angel in the wild.Ā  Even after they are grown, I don't know that I'd put them in there.

That being said, My koi angel has harrassed to death 4 swordtails and my other koi angel, so I know what you're going through.

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On 6/14/2021 at 5:48 PM, TheCzarista said:

Angelfish are angels.... fallen angelsĀ šŸ¤£

I've often thought the same thing! It's hilarious until it's not.Ā 

As far as them eating anything that fits in their mouth, it's worth noting that my angel persistsĀ in trying to get my HANDĀ into his mouth. So um, yes. Very yes.

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