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  1. I have since ordered and introduced another 14 Neon Tetras into my 29 so he's one of 15 now. I wouldn't recognize him.
  2. Lol, sun? Southeast Alaska is a temperate rainforest. Sometimes summer is on a Thursday 🤣
  3. I don't have access to a LFS. I have to order everything online. The nearest pet store is Petco in Juneau (280 miles away) and they refuse to ship anything.
  4. My problem is that he's the only fish I have that would eat live foods and I don't have the space, equipment or inclination to set up for specialty breeding.
  5. I have a Angelfish who has been relegated back to the 20 high after eating 13 of 14 Neon Tetras in the 29. This after years of flake food. I'm thinking of putting some live bearers in with him to provide him with live food. Ichecked Aqua Huna and all they sell are males.Recommendations?
  6. I ordered some mini Amazon Sword plants (Echinodorus parviflorus) for an upcoming build. Can I in Terracotta pots in my 29 for a couple of months until I build my new 20 gallon tank?
  7. He met with swift demise. I had a time trying to catch him to move him to the 29. When I moved him back I had my net at the ready. I put in his favorite food and snatched him up before he knew what was going on 😁
  8. P.S. @ARMYVET, Thank you for your service and your sacrifice 🙏
  9. I work 12 hour shifts. 😩 I put him in there just before I went to sleep and didn't notice until after work so he was in there about 18 hours.
  10. He DID eat 13 of 14 juvenile Neon Tetras ..... which is why he's back in the 20 gallon tank.
  11. Will two BNPs be suitable tank mates for an Angelfish? I'm planning on using this piece of driftwood and Anubias Nana Petite for foliage to provide the BNPs with wood to graze on.
  12. @Kilrkitty08 definitely not! Mine are surviving but not thriving. They are red because I am dosing Easy Iron and Easy Green. They're even growing but definitely not as pretty as the ones pictured in this post.
  13. Uffda! I don't have the test kit. However I'm pretty sure my silicate level is fairly high as I had to use play sand in my substrate. Pool filter sand is literally unavailable here. I checked with both True Value and Sentry Hardware. I ended up ordering aquarium sand from Amazon for my upcoming 20 gallon build. I used a two inch layer in my 29 so I'm sure that silicate will continue to leech into my water for quite some time.
  14. I recently put PhosGuard in my HOB. The instructions on the bottle say to leave it in for four days. Is it totally ineffective after four days or is it just less effective?
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