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  1. I have three dirted tanks up and running, one for three years, one for six months and one for two months. I'm considering doing one more with deep sand. Either the 20 high that's been running for three years or the 10 that I'm going to set up for a Betta.
  2. Which is better for a planted tank. Dirted or deep sand bed?
  3. From what I understand REAL Carbon is bad for my ADFs.
  4. Will trimming my bacopa back heavily produce new growth without the black stuff on the leaves?
  5. Thank you all. I am running filter floss in my Tidal 55. I change it about every third day. I don't rinse the sponge in the bottom of the filter basket though so as to preserve my BB.
  6. Most videos I've watched say there's not much to do about a bacterial bloom. While it seems to have improved a bit after a 50% water change on Tuesday I'm wondering if there's anything else I can do to get past this?
  7. Durrrrr, blub, blub, blub ..... I realized that Fritz Zyme 7 was just bacteria and that it wasn't going to raise my ammonia level by adding it to my tank. Having put enough for 80 gallons in a 20 gallon which because of the substrate is probably between 17-17.5 gallons I pulled Gabriel and my 3 Nerite snails out of my old 20 and put them in my new 20. It's been over 3 hours and he seems to be doing just fine. Just as a precaution I'm going to seriously over feed for a day or two and keep a close eye on his behavior.
  8. I'm thinking Anubias Nana Petite. Petite for scale.
  9. I got my new 20 up and running. I'm using Fritz Zyme 7 and the sponge filter from my 29 to kick the cycle.
  10. I'm wanting to keep Kuhli Loaches in the same tank as my ADFs. Would there be any problems?
  11. Update, I was unable to find pure Ammonia locally. I guess I'll have to pull my snails out of another aquarium and put them in here. Per comments on this thread they poop enough to at least help. I'll probably be doing some heavy ghost feeding as well. Last time I used two shrimp, spot prawns, but I don’t have any now and oddly enough being in Alaska they aren't available locally. Do any of you know of any other way to raise my ammonia level? Got my new 20 high up and running today. I used the sponge filter from my 29 and Fritz Zyme 7 to kick the cycle. I stressed heavily over my 29 a couple of months ago and my original 20 high a little over three years ago. Not going to stress so much this time. Once this one is cycled and plants are established I'm going to re-scape my 29 and rebuild my other 20 high. I'm running out of room but I'm still considering getting one of my 10s up and running for a Betta. Gotta love MTS 🤣🤣🤣 Update, using Fritz Zyme 7 and one heavy ghost feeding my Ammonia is barely above 0.25 ppm. I'm just hoping that I can find pure Ammonia in a local store. I don't have access to a LFS, LPS or any chain stores. Other than adding the rest of the bottle of Fritz Zyme 7 and more heavy ghost feeding any ideas on how to increase the Ammonia level?
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