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Found 7 results

  1. I have a 40 Breeder stocked with Rainbow Cichlids, and I'm having trouble finding a decent herbivore sinking pellet. I have Fluval Bug Bites bottom feeder formula, but it gets lost in the substrate. I was wondering if anyone knew of a spirulina sinking pellet that is about the size of a Cichlid Gold mini pellet (~3.0mm) - The Rainbow Cichlids are pretty shy atm, and the plants are still filling in. I expect this tank to be a stunner in about 2 months I also am aware of Omega One pellets, but they seem to be extremely difficult to get ahold of right now. The floating ones are readily available, but Rainbow Cichlids from what I've seen and heard from others don't eat from the surface. They might get hungry enough to, but I'd rather not have to stress them out to get them to eat
  2. Hey, I have just recentley switched to pellets for my fish and my female swordtail will go for the pellet, and then spit it out and then go for it again? Will she start eating them normally? if not how do I fix this problem?
  3. I ordered some of these a while ago: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/fish-food/products/xtreme-shrimpee-sinking-sticks, and have been feeding them once a week or so, along with some other stuff. I happened to walk by my red rili tank yesterday evening after dropping in a few of them. I think the answer to the question is a resounding "Yes".
  4. I recently received an order from Aquarium Co-Op of Anubias Golden and Anubias Nana. Inside one of the pots were little round objects. They look a little like salmon eggs but orange in color. Is it possible they are seeds that haven’t grown? Or perhaps some fertilizer?
  5. First of all, let me repeat: WHAT IS THIS??? There is this anemone-shaped mold growing on my two-day old Xtreme betta pellet. Its this white translucent 1 cm anemone thingy. I freaked out so I took it out with tweezers right away, The weird mold is in a freshwater tank, so it can't be real anemone, right?? And it just freaks me out and I'm really stressed about it now... can someone help me??
  6. I'm curious, as this seems to be a ongoing debate in the hobby. Do you prefer Flake Food, Pellet Food, or Granules? I own, buy, and feed all 3 types to my fish, because variety is the spice of life. BUT, Flake foods are hands down my favorite because of how versatile it is. If you had to pick one type, whats your favorite and why?
  7. Among dried fish foods, there are lots of forms. I'm not sure I really understand when to use what. I know variety is good, and I'm just not someone who is going to get into live or frozen on a regular basis at this point. Assuming the nutrition is the same and the fish can consume it, why would you choose flakes vs pellets, crisps, wafers, etc. I currently have various pellets (plus whatever Vibra Bites are considered), algae wafers, and First Bites for the never-ending supply of guppy fry. Should I also include flakes in the rotation? Is it just personal preference, or certain formulations that only happen to be available in one form or another, or...? Am I even making sense? Lol thanks!
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