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Found 12 results

  1. The poor puffer still thinks it's day time because his right most tank light (facing the tank) didn't shift to night time lighting.
  2. Made the drive up to Edmonds from the Bay Area. Murphy is even more incredible and charismatic in person than I could have imagined. we had a great experience in the store and loaded up on supplies and I was stoked to snag some crinums that are always sold out online. They survived the remaining 5 days on our road trip in the bag. 🙌🏽 thank you AC!
  3. I follow a few aquarium feeds from around the world on Twitch, and I just thought it might be a great way to spread the word a bit more and let users interact while they watch Murphy. I know you guys have a lot on your plate, so I'm not sure how much more effort this would be but I know Aqua Huna keeps their "Choose Your Betta" stream live on Twitch!
  4. I was walking along my Betta Barracks to check the temps, and I was carrying this sponge filter box. 8 of the bettas didn't notice, but #9 looked like he fainted or had a stroke. He was fine a few minutes later, but now I know better !
  5. Drive almost 2 hours to y’all and you guys didn’t disappoint! Staff was knowledgeable, store was as advertised! Finally seeing Murphy after all these years was a treat also! Can’t wait until my next big purchase! Also seeing that 3 gallon tank has set me up for another project 😀 Added 8 more Chili Rasboras, couple Pygmy Cory dorado to the 75!
  6. Whenever I check the live camera of our mascot Murphy, he's usually eagerly swimming around and doing his thing. This is the first time I'd ever seen him sleeping in the corner, like a loaf of bread. So cute! 🍞 P.S. If you want to see more puffer action, our latest video actually shows Cory gently holding Murphy in the tank.
  7. How does everyone incorporate the hobby into their holiday decorating? Since moving to our house last year, we still haven't picked out a tree topper. This year I decided Murphy would be a great way to top the tree for the time being.
  8. Just wanted to thank Cory for telling the story about Hank. I cried with you. But now we know about the kind of people you and wife are. And will enjoy Aquarium CoOp that much more. Just started my first tank. Betta, 3 Corydoras and a Mystery snail. Your advice has helped alot. Thanks again
  9. Hey! I was looking at the Murphy cam this morning, and then I saw an empty tank. All the plants were gone! Any ideas what is going on?
  10. We need more videos of Murphy! It's been a while! We want to see him and know how he is doing.
  11. My kid is obsessed with Murphy. We watch videos and the live camera. Cannot wait for our tshirts that just shipped today! He wants to feed Murphy desperately but we live near Philly. I’m wondering if we can have a pay to feed Murphy day? Just a shoutout of his name and something for Murph to eat. He swore to my husband that Washington state is in the US so it can’t be far. 🤦‍♀️
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