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  1. I am sending this to see if I have trouble posting when using my phone.
  2. We need more videos of Murphy! It's been a while! We want to see him and know how he is doing.
  3. They are ridiculous about the nipping! This is the first time I have seen damage from it. I hope this little guy will be ok.
  4. My tetras tail looks messed up ant at times he is swimming in an odd way. Is this fin rot or is his tail badly nipped? This is a photo. You may have to blow it up a bit to get a better look.
  5. I just created my account today. My husband and I started fish keeping in February. We were so happy to discover aquarium co op! You all have been so helpful!
  6. How do you increase your PH and decrease water hardness at the same time?
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