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  1. @CornAndCrawlers Here’s my trap design & in action. I used slate to weight it down, but I suggest smooth rocks cause scuds cling onto the slate. I did sell one batch of scuds, but there’s no visible scuds now. They’re still in the tank & get blown out of the filter every time I restart it.
  2. Aww those are adorable!!! Mr. Cow! I think I’m scarred from wen trimming videos that’s keeping me from wanting ranchus. They are total goofs and absolutely personable though 🥰
  3. Sorry late reply. I think button quails to aviaries is pygmy corydoras to aquariums. Sadly I’m waiting for these guys to kick the bucket so I can have chickens. They lay way too many tiny eggs and can’t free range and garden with me like chickens. Good luck with which ever fowl you get 😊 I highly recommend you get hatching eggs and incubate them yourself. It’s more time, effort & money but the chicks will bond with you for their lifetime. Here’s an album of a button quail I raised that you didn’t ask for https://imgur.com/gallery/59QgLJm Here’s the egg-child now making happy sounds while being petted (sound up). He’s the only one in my flock that doesn’t mind being handled. https://imgur.com/a/40NxtNe
  4. Haha I wish I was clever like that. No, I really like black and white rabbits that look like dairy cows. I’ve owned 5 house rabbits, but don’t have any now. Rabbits love electrical cords.
  5. Welcome John! Learning about aquarium industry in different countries is very interesting. Those polar parrots are adorable! That's awesome you've got a big new tank to setup and play with. I've read that polar parrots are smaller but more territorial than blood parrots.
  6. Thank you for the advice, much appreciated! I forgot what that wood looked like and fell in love with it again. They love going under the tunnels. I need to find a spot for my marimo ball, he used to sit so nicely on the wood, but he’s grown larger and have to be squashed to fit in the nook. It’s better on the floor cause the pea puffers love making woopee on it and the corydoras like it as a resting pad.
  7. Wow these are amazing🤩!! I’ve only got container breeder box for tiny egg/fry. My Pygmy corydora eggs and fry keep slipping out of every commercial breeder box I had. These are the cheapest plastic containers with super thin walls. I poke ton of holes with a large needle and line the container top with foam to float on top. Super tiny fry, practically eggs with a tail.
  8. Update, I’m happy to report the tank is no longer horror scud snow globe! The trap box was super effective first week. Getting diminished returns from the trap box daily. Removed all leaf litter to eliminate food source. My poor ambulia is starting to grow again from being eaten to the stems. Haven’t really fed the fish, they’re still very very fat. Although they do get baby brine snacks sometimes cause I’m feeding my pygmy corydora fry. We’re getting there! Thank you everyone for you helpful tips! I might still have scuds for sale at the next local club meet.
  9. I had to vacuum gas out when I was farming snails in an overstocked tank. Have 2" of sand, and vacuumed by jamming the tube all the way down to the base of the aquarium. Then jostle around to loosen gases & pinch the hose to let the sand go down. Would not recommend, it was tedious and had to be done several times a week. I don't vacuum my balanced tanks, gunk/mulm is dual purpose as fry food and shelter.
  10. Very glad to 'meet' everyone ☺️. Bentley Pascoe's video yesterday briefly went over how crypt nurii species tend to grow squat to the ground while the wendtii will grow up. I had no idea this plant would grow that way, there's always something new to learn in this hobby everyday. You should definitely try this plant if you get a chance. It's very hardy and is a chameleon it'd be mostly green under low light. I guess I have highlight, the plant is only 14" away from the Fluval 3.0. I don't think CO2 is needed but I do run CO2 for some other stuff. Meanwhile I've killed at least 3 pink flamingos 💸💸💸 Aww thanks, I have the red and warm white light cranked all the way up. I'm slowly switching out more red plants, got some red downoi coming in the mail next week. Thank you! This tank is almost 11 months old, but has gone through a lot of changes. I liked it better when it was a complete jungle, I don't think the cardinals would have liked that. This is from May 😭aww that pink flamingo (right front bottom) was still alive back then.
  11. @Odd Duck Wow I didn't think it was that easy, The Quick-Guide is a treasure trove of information, omgosh how is it not behind a paywall! I should setup an empty beer keg for DIY seltzer water for future uses. If I wanted to eradicate scuds, I think I still need to remove fish and gas the whole tank since they're breeding from my canister filter. I might do that when it's time to replace the tank in 2025 (I've been replacing tanks every 10 years). Meanwhile I've really upset the horde and stuffed their favorite Staurogyne Repens in plastic trap, video of upset horde. I caught this many from vacuuming. These guys getting enrichment from bobbing for scuds. Usually I dry them out and the quails get easy snack. Scuds must be shrimp cause they turn pink after drying out 😅
  12. Thank you for such a thorough answer and I love your thought exercise! I tried the Xtreme nano pellets (sinks too fast), krill flakes (fish are meh), and easy fry food (floats too long). Ohhhh I did order Bug Bites Tropical Formula for Small Fish, I'll give it an honest try. I like to feed foods that stay in the water column like live baby brine, frozen cyclops and frozen daphnia. I stopped feeding live baby brine cause the cardinals love it and won't eat other foods. I think you're right, maybe I should be feeding them a formulated complete diet instead of candy all the time. Yes, I'll try my best with the manual catching. Bigger fish will definitely help, I've got some emotional baggage to work through before getting bigger fish again. Especially angelfish, they are such begging puppies and happy to see you. Maybe I can hunt down some lepoldi angelfish that can go to my bigger tank.
  13. Hi All. My name is Jena, I'm from Southern California and had been a lurker for a while. Had fish for 25 years, only gotten better and more serious about fish keeping since COVID lockdown. Been binge-watching all the CoOp videos. I’ve never tested my water before, the easy test strips are a game changer! I think I just about own every CoOp item. My favorite is surprisingly the $2 measuring spoon! Thanks for the wonderful community! My first tank & totally guilty of keeping fish in bowls. Current show tank, 48x15x17. Its seen better days, recently replanted crypt parva & nurii “Rosen Maiden” to spread the carpet. I’m always rearranging things and can’t keep my hands out of the tank. I think I want a carpet of only Rosen Maiden, but I can only propagate what I have. Had to go on a bidding war at my local club to get it.
  14. These came as hitchhikers through plant swaps years ago, I remember being ecstatic about getting new critters. I also have freshwater limpets, tiny flat ramshorn, new zealand mudsnails besides the usual MTS and pond snail that came as hitchhikers. A good warning to quarantine/dip plants, 🤐 although I still won't do that. Thanks for the suggestions TOtrees. Now thinking about it, I had a pack of sparkling gourami and dwarf neon rainbows for years and didn't have a scud imbalance. The rainbows dwindled down to one and I rehomed him to join another school. The last sparkler passed away after 4 years, seeing it go through senescence made me too sad and I've been steering away from gouramis. Now my biggest fish is the male guppies who are too busy dancing with themselves. It looks like a apocalyptical snow globe with scuds flying all around. I did witness a guppy chomp when a scud flew into its mouth. The cardinals went to town on scuds in 2 other tanks, 8 in a fluval flex 9g and 70+ in a 4 foot tank. I think if I shift 10 more cardinals to the 29g will make them feel more at home, but I worry about the tiny rasboras being over competed for food.
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