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  1. Yes, that is what I’m doing. I’ve got a hospital tank just for her. I hope I see improvement soon. Thank you!
  2. Awe the poor little thing. No one else in the tank seems affected. Just did a water quality test last night. No parameters "jumped out at me." Did a water change anyway because it was Sunday.
  3. Great! Thank you for your quick reply. I've got the Maracyn. I just got to mix down the dose for 1 gallon. Is the one dose of salt sufficient?
  4. One of my tetras abdomen is swollen. Dropsy I suspect. I pulled her out and set her up in a hospital tank, using 1 gallon of water from the show tank. I looked at my fish medicine inventory. The one product that is recommended to treat dropsy Maracyn 2 I don't have! So I treated with one teaspoon of aquarium salt/gallon. My first instinct is to go to Aquarium Co-op to order it. Hmmmmm. The Co-op does not carry it to order. Why? I have the other trio.... Can't decide what to do. Is treating with salt the only thing I can do??? When should I change her water???? Looking forward to your response.
  5. Hello Jeff. I use an encased Top Fin. Works perfect. I don’t have to worry about breaking any glass. Think I got this one at Petsmart.
  6. Beautiful shade of green. Whatever your doing keep doing it.
  7. Ah what beauties! Welcome back to fish keeping. This is a wonderful time to get back into the hobby. I look forward to the time when I can do a set up like your planning. Have fun!
  8. You are going to love this brine shrimp hatchery. I’m not exactly sure about the weight with water, but I can hold it with one hand. 3.5 lbs is my guess. I built the stand from 1” PVC that Cory demonstrated in a YouTube video. The handle rests very snug at 1” So I would keep the wood you use to hang it on at 1” The USB nano pump is perfect for this application. The heater I use is a submersible nano heater. Just make sure you rinse everything throughly after each hatch. My fishies get a gourmet dinner every night, since I’ve had mine. Enjoy!
  9. Welcome to the forum. I’m curious... What kind of harps? I have 3 luthier made Autoharps, crafted in Sea Tac Washington. When able to start traveling again, I want to make a pilgrimage to Aquarium Co-Op. How fortunate you are to live close by. I would be in there everyday.
  10. I remember my mom telling me you can’t re freeze meat! Definitely toss out!
  11. For the last 40 years I have been a National Certified Interpreter for the Deaf. Hence my logo means interpret in American Sign Language. I have kept aquariums most of my life. I did take a 19 year break. When my ex husband declared that the 6 foot tank was his! Ha! I made sure I had re homed most of my fishies before I drove off into the sunset..... Taking the Python with me! He didn’t know the difference between an air stone and a rock.... I wonder how long it took him to bail that tank. LOL Cory and Aquarium Co-Op have been such an inspiration to me. I love playing with my 3 tanks. Having a blast raising Corydoras and Mystery Snails. I love all of the Ziss breeding equipment.
  12. Wow very important work. Most people don’t realize how incredible bees are.
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