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Found 18 results

  1. What is wrong with this butterfly koi we just got in at my pet store? I can’t attach a video, but he is swimming erratically and can’t swim straight. He is spinning a bit and is upside down occasionally. Is it a swim bladder issue? I have a koi pond at home that’s over 1000 gal, and if I can help this guy survive I’d like to do anything I can. Thank you!
  2. My neighbor asked for help yesterday to hang something on their porch, while I was there she started feeding her koi. We got to talking and I said something about not feeding much because I think they are in “hibernation mode” I don’t know if it’s true was kinda asking her. She found out I have aquariums, long story short. I’m now in charge of the koi for the winter. I asked for a couple days to research, this morning a knock at my door I have no clue what type they are or any clue what to do. Not worried about long term care I will research later when I have time. But for immediate time is there anything else I should do? I put a cycled sponge filter in and have wrapped in a blanket to start heating water up. Where should I take the temp to? Room temperature ? It stays around 68* in there. will be moving them to a 10G or should I go with a 20G later today?
  3. Hi all! So I am a new homeowner that came with an 1100+ gal pond and water feature. The previous owner said there were 4 koi in the pond. Pretty sure that’s true. Two large cream and black. And a butterfly. And an orange one. There seems to be a large gray goldfish too that’s hard to see and previous owner over looked. I keep fish and take care of the pond naturally and mechanically remove algae. Today my wife, two year old and I discovered tons and tons of these little minnows. I can’t believe they would spawn In The pond.... the previous owner never mentioned the phenomenon but he also poured 25% hydro peroxide along the rim every week to kill algae, I suspect from over feeding and didn’t pull out detritus. The owner said he would drain the pond 2x a year.... long story short. Anyone have experience? 4 koi in a 1100 gal pond is plenty for that size I think. I should probably remove them right? Anyone have something similar happen? Maybe there is a trap I can use and give them away that way.
  4. Sunday Fun Day😄 10g hospital/quarantine tank: Current home to 10-ish? ghost shrimp (the shrimp shenanigan's as they're starting to be known) that were gifted to me Friday as well as a mass of java moss. Oh! and a newly found bladder snail. 20% water change - parameters tested 0 ammonia/5 nitrates before change Filter is hob that came with the larger tank (marked whisper 20-40 on spill edge) that I fitted with a nylon to help keep out the java moss. Pruned back some of the devil's ivy (pothos) in the filter hopper and rinsed filter 'bag' in dirty tank water. Replaced the charcoal in filter bag as I kept the bag since the ivy has started root in it. [Note: will cut apart the bag material before replacing to keep some in tank and reposition to keep roots in place.] Brushed off java moss from nylon and moved some into 3d printed floating pot. Lastly, rock with moss on it to the spill edge to slow down flow. Added pvc tubes to add hide spots/exploration places for the shrimps. Tank Goals: -Move java moss to floating planter. Nylon is holding up better than anticipated. -Research ghost shrimp care and breeding. Pretty sure there are a couple females with eggs. -Research calcium supplements. We have r/o well water here so any such minerals will need to be added. -Put in fancy substrate? Did pick up Fluval Stratum but realize after some more videos that it might be more muss than its worth for the shrimps? -Add more plants. Will clip some water sprite and pennywort from large tank to move into this one. 39g Goldfish Community tank: Current home to one shubunkin (Shu), two fancy fantails (Pooh & Tail), red cap oranda (Baby) and one surprise koi (yet unnamed) gifted to me on Friday. (the koi was supposed to be another shubunkin - was a surprise when I saw the little whiskers😄) 10% water change - parameters tested 0 ammonia/5 nitrates before change Slight gravel vac done to get up excess food and poop. Reburied plants that had been disrupted during the week. Brushed moss off from filter intake and added to a floating pot. Starting to see some aggression from Shu (shubunkin) towards Baby (oranda). No tail or fin nipping as I was kind of expecting, instead Shu is nipping at Baby's face. I don't see any marks or wounds but am starting to see a bit of a red streak starting in Baby's tail. Seems to do it mostly around feeding time. All fish except koi are handfed pieces of Repashy super gold in addition to a larger chunk being dropped in the tank (all together it equals out to about .25tsp). May try moving to 3 feedings per day from current 2. Shu's color seems to have stabilized again though I'm still keeping tabs of spots that I think may be or have been ammonia burn. Baby's tail is still a bit bent from where it has started growing back in. Concerned about possible stress from Shu causing the red streak in tail Koi seems to be settling in fine. Kept overnight in 10g and then given a paraguard bath before moving to tank. Having koi and Shu has moved up pond plans for this year. Thankfully craigslist to the rescue and I have a couple messages out for larger tank and stock tank/pond. Originally I was hoping to set up the pond in a greenhouse to run it year 'round but that may have to wait. Tank Goals: -Move java moss to floating planter. -Keep monitoring Shu and Baby -Start work with koi in a couple weeks to get him comfortable with hands; point work -Track down larger tank/pond for Shu & koi -Research greenhouses; heating in particular
  5. I've recently taken a bit of a leap in the hobby and built a ~600 gallon outdoor pond. I've always been interested in Koi and am super excited to get going down that journey. I'm quickly learning that a pond is at a completely different level in terms of filtration and water quality. There's so much to learn. I've noticed that a lot of the Koi hobbyists seem to be in the UK/Europe, and likewise most of the hobbyist market seems to be geared in that direction. It can be hard to find equipment in the US, so DIY is important. I'm curious where Koi/pond people hang out online in North America to share ideas. If you know, please share!
  6. As the title say I'm pretty sure I bought 3 2in koi for a 130 gallon pond when they were sold to me as only goldfish. I was wondering how long I could keep them in there or if they will get too big. The pond is 18 in deep and 72 x 58 in I believe. There's no other fish in there and perfect conditions for them as of now. If anyone has any experience with this and can help with how I should proceed, I would appreciate it 🙂
  7. Hello all! I wondered If i could get your opinions on the minimum size pond to keep a few Koi realistically, not to grow out as show koi I.e. 3ft size, but just to keep generic koi long term. I currently have 3 babies (3" koi) in my 130 US Gallon above ground goldfish pond, and i would like to give them a permanent home as they get larger ofcourse. any advice or recommendations would be appreciated, I can build the pond from wood to save money
  8. Has anyone ever used the Aquariumcoop linear air piston pump outside to aerate a pond? Tips?
  9. Got any of your koi photos to share? 4 year old Male Hana Shusui Name: Dragon...Monkey D Dragon
  10. We have a Koi betta fish and is sick for some reason. The pictures of his current condition is in the attached links. He has a very swollen lip and holes in the fins. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19GWQrXi7A5ssy1wYk0-BAfduDWoz2kwG/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h8dZDO7iwpheXCYqWYNdOXq8TRA137eF/view?usp=sharing What would you recommend us to do to save him? We just bought Microbe-lift Artemiss-natural expellant for bacterial diseases from Petco. We were advised to add it into our 4-gallon tank and change 75% of tank water for 3 days straight. Could someone give some advise? Thank you!
  11. I have been feeding my fish in the Winter months only when the water temperature is above 39 degrees - according to the food brand instructions. Because the temperature is so much higher this Winter I wonder if I should keep feeding them or not. Someone I respect said to not feed them from November to March - regardless of the temperature. What can you share with me about your experience? There are no plants in the water and the pond is a 8ft old jacuzzi tub - about 800 gallons. There are 9 good size fish. No one seems to be very hungry but I want to do right by my fish! Thank you for all of your support, Rosie
  12. Hello dear fish friends. Yesterday, I watched an old aquarium co-op video (RFT) from 3 tears ago on koi with Zak from koi.com. At some point of the video, the topic of keeping koi in aquariums was discussed. I am interested in knowing the current consensus and minimum water volume etc.
  13. Hi everyone. I feel like every time I post on this forum it's because I've got some drama. Sorry about that. But please help if you can to identify what's wrong with my buddy, Jose Cuervo (don't ask). Pics attached. I know this is mostly an indoor aquarium forum but Aq Co-Op people seem to know diseases and treatments better than anyone else. Pond parameters: Size and stocking - ~750gal, 8 seven-inch shubunkin, 1 four-inch koi, 1 eight-inch koi (Jose) pH: 8.0 Ammonia: 0.1 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 gh: 80 kh: 180 Last water change: Yesterday, 50% Temperature: Stays aound 55 F Background info: Early December I noticed Jose Cuervo's friend, a juvenile yellow koi named Lemon, floating near the surface in a low-flow area of the pond whenever I went outside. I also saw him flash on the substrate once or twice. Three weeks later, he had disappeared (I was busy with holidays and unfortunately he paid the price I guess). Now I am seeing Jose Cuervo doing the same thing -- floating in the same low-flow spot, super lethargic, not really eating. Yesterday (Tuesday) I dosed the pond with 6.25oz of PraziPro (at a rate of 1oz/120gal). Tonight I saw Jose sitting in the same spot for at least an hour. I went and netted him out, which was easy due to the lethargy. As you can see from the pics, he has some red stress streaking in his pectoral fins, but the base of his tail has red sores on either side and his scales are pineconing a bit (as if the area is swollen). Can anybody help (1) identify the disease(s) afflicting Jose and (2) recommend a med regimen to help? My thought is external parasites with a secondary bacterial infection, but another set of eyes will really help me out here. Thanks.
  14. Could Oranda and Koi live together while they are growing up?
  15. I got a cheap $5 petco koi from a friend. I put them through the trio and now they are in my pond. I was wondering how big it will get? The pond is 700 gallons. I think the fish may have been stunted for a bit. They water is good in my pond, I let them eat algae and bugs that fall in the water. Any ideas. Thanks
  16. Can any of these fish eat minnows <fishing minnows> Flowerhorn, Koi and large goldfish? Minnows like "shiners, fat heads"? Would it be bad for them? Could it be an exclusive diet?
  17. Today we picked out 4 nice koi with the help of owner Joe Granato at Star Ridge Aquatics in Carthage, NC . Two of the koi were long-finned, and two were the traditional Japanese type koi. The traditional koi were my favorites because the colors were more intense. Once released one of the koi just wouldn't swim with the other three fish, so we named him 'Derpy'. We also picked out a dozen edge plants including, pickerelweed, dwarf cattails, Sagittaria, Myriophyllum, various rushes, and hardy lilies. And notice the green water? I also added an additional batch of wild caught daphnia. I hope the exponential growth of the daphnia can catch up with the exponential growth of the green water. Finally, I added a few corys cats and guppies. I will add more later when I have had a chance to see how these initial introductions fare. The pH measured at 6.93 and the upper layer of the water in the pond read 84 °F although it was much cooler 4 feet below the surface. Not surprisingly the koi preferred to stay lower in the water column most of time.
  18. Hey all, I’m Lee. Getting back into aquariums after 15 or 20 years of pond fish, gold fish and koi. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or as we call it (THE U.P.) north of Wisconsin. So my 3000 gallon pond will soon be under ice. My plan is to have 2, 40 gallon breeders set end to end with assorted plants and fish. I have one of the 40s set up with a few plants no fish yet.
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