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Found 5 results

  1. This is my 300 gallon community I'm going for a hill stream community much like rachel o'leary's 150 gallon. My goal is to have hill stream species like many US native species such as darters and minnows. I would also like gobies and loaches as well the biggest fish I'm looking to add are around 4-6 inches and the smallest being the white clouds or stiphodon. (96 long X 24 wide X 31 tall) the tank started up earlier this year Equipment Matten filter that hides intake and pumps 2 48 inch Fluval 3.0 planted plus lights 2 48inch Fluval Aquasky 2.0 lights Jebao DC return pump DCP-8000 FX 4 canister filter Hardscape 1/4 inch black criva Mexican beach pebbles 100lbs 1/8 inch black criva Mexican beach pebbles 100lbs 2-3 inch black Mexican beach pebbles 80lbs Unknown hardwood 6 feet tall 20 inches wide unknown hardwood 4 foot long rocks from local landscaping yard Plants Bolbitis Crypt Wendtii Jungle val Hornwart Christmas Moss on matten filter Livestock current stock some fish have passed or been removed from when the pictures and videos were taken 20 Rainbow shiners 5 central stone roller 35 southern red belly dace 6 Johnny darters 6 red spotted gobies 3 white cheeked rhinogobius 3 neon blue dwarf goby 10 black khuli loaches 6 yo-yo loaches 6 gold white clouds 1 normal white cloud 10 pearl danios 3 emerald shiners 1 tadpole madtom 2 bamboo shrimp 2 Mexican dwarf crayfish 2 Amano shrimp 12 cull cherry shrimp 4 species of snail at least and hundreds of them live black worms I think that is all the life in the tank but their will be more to come and I plan on updating with new additions and changes to the tank on here. feel free to ask questions or suggestions.
  2. New here, but been a fan for years on youtube. Not sure where to post, but having odd behavior in our 300 gallon African cichlid tank. I'm a bit confused. Fish are flashing here and there, and sometimes scratching. All water parameters are spot on. Fish show no signs of anything, temp is good, services on filtration done, extra aeration...I just can't figure this one out, but something is wrong. Behavior is just not right.
  3. As soon as our basement remodel is complete I will be setting up my first pond. I’ve purchased a 300 gallon Rubbermaid tote. I made a DIY canister filter (5 gallon Lowe’s bucket) filled with bio rings and coarse sponge from Aquarium Co-Op. I acquired an Eheim 1262 pump, which I’ve never used. Will this be too overwhelming for my DIY canister? I’m using 1” PVC and 1” to 3/4” flex tubing.
  4. I possibly have and opportunity to buy a several hundred gallon tank I don’t know exactly but I believe around 300 and I want to know what others would do with it
  5. Hey all, I’m Lee. Getting back into aquariums after 15 or 20 years of pond fish, gold fish and koi. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or as we call it (THE U.P.) north of Wisconsin. So my 3000 gallon pond will soon be under ice. My plan is to have 2, 40 gallon breeders set end to end with assorted plants and fish. I have one of the 40s set up with a few plants no fish yet.
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