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  1. Hey! welcome! The plants you chose both benefit from liquid fertilizer AND root tabs! Don't forget about them! At the start, I too thought that Easy Green might be the only thing I need. After putting in root tabs about once a month, I started to notice the growth in all my plants that were planted in gravel explode. Literally. Dwarf sag covered the entire front of my tank and my Amazon Sword was growing a new leaf every week! All I can say is, look into it, give it a try! Very beneficial to the tank, especially if not much mulm/nutrients have been built up in the gravel yet.
  2. The empire gudgeon fish looks like it can handle a wide range of temperatures, it might depend on the other inhabitants you plan to keep along with it.
  3. Hey everyone! I'll be bringing in my 5.5 gallon setup to work tomorrow and just wanted to see if any other nerms have done it! I've purchased some micro swords and a crypt at the LFS yesterday and I'm going to plant it up tonight. I'll be running a Finnex 16in on it, aquarium co-op sponge filter, and using Flourite Black Sand Substrate. If any of you have tips drop them here! Thank you in advance!
  4. I see! Your tank looks great, thanks for the help! I'll be looking into the finnex and save myself some money. Do you just have CPD's in there? looks like a perfect shrimp breeding ground.
  5. They look like Planaria! If you take a closer look at the head of the worm, if its pointed like an arrow, then it probably is. From what I know, Planaria attack smaller critters like shrimp and snails, I haven't read up on anything regarding turtles.
  6. Usually I run the KASA Wi-FI Light Timer. It's pretty simple, just plug the light into the timer, making sure its on a separate power source than the filter, plug the timer into an outlet and follow the directions on the KASA app. From there you can set the schedule to what you want for your light preferences. Hope this helps!
  7. Hello everyone! I'm currently setting up a 14g Frameless cube (15.125" x 15.125" x 15.125") and wanted to get your opinion on lighting options. I plan to grow val, sag, crypts and maybe dabble in stem plants. Overall, want to have this tank densely planted. In terms of coverage, would the 12in aquarium co-op light be suitable? or should I look into getting a fluval nano? Thank you!😅
  8. From what I recall, as long as 4 corners are supported, it should be fine?
  9. Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster! 😄 I just wanted to pick everyone's brain regarding my situation. Currently I have a 36 Bow tank and stand (Aqueon), which has been running for 4 years. I've noticed that I enjoy viewing my other tanks, 20 tall and 10 gallon more than the 36 which is due to the front facing glass being flat rather than curved. Will the stand for the bow be able to support a 29 gallon? The 36 has the exact same dimensions of a 29 (30"x12"x18") just with a curved front glass. I've added a picture of the stand for reference. Let me know what you guys think! Thank you in advance! 😄
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