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  1. adamh

    Angelfish bloat

    Had them since New Years (from reputable breeder) nickel size. They are just reaching breeding age, so don’t know if it’s related to maturing. Nothing new to tank. Feeding xtreme community/pee wee and frozen bloodworms(rotating schedule, the angels pretty much ignore the flakes). Same feeding schedule for months
  2. adamh

    Angelfish bloat

    This is the third angel in this tank to have this. First one was a few weeks ago, everyone else seemed fine. Developed a bloated abdomen, passed after three days. Second one did the same thing last weekend, and now a third one is doing the same. 78 degrees 25 nitrate 0 nitrite 0 ammonia 200 ppm gh 80 ppm kh 6.8 ph 0 chlorine no new fish or changes, any ideas?
  3. After 2 weeks free swimming
  4. Hopefully, I’ve got about 300 or so fry from the last spawn!
  5. I was going to leave them (little chance for survival in the tank they’re in) but my 7 year old was adamant we pull them. So I did. I hope the kids at his school want to start some fish tanks!😂
  6. This time with her original male https://youtube.com/shorts/4y9cB2I_viY?feature=share
  7. I can’t speak to if there is a problem, although if you watch @Cory on ghost shrimp, you could have all different kinds. I hope it’s not a problem because I think that shrimp looks really cool!
  8. Here’s one of my blue dragons that is starting to qualify!
  9. adamh

    Angels today

    Here’s where they are today
  10. Probably obvious, but you are putting salt in when you set up the hatchery?
  11. I use airline above but with a long piece of rigid tubing. You have great spot control this way, and then just kink the hose in your other hand to stop suction when needed
  12. adamh

    Angelfish help

    UPDATE: everyone is looking much better today! Still a little lethargic, but clamped fins are almost all gone and some seem back to normal!🙂
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