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  1. adamh

    Angelfish bloat

    This is the third angel in this tank to have this. First one was a few weeks ago, everyone else seemed fine. Developed a bloated abdomen, passed after three days. Second one did the same thing last weekend, and now a third one is doing the same. 78 degrees 25 nitrate 0 nitrite 0 ammonia 200 ppm gh 80 ppm kh 6.8 ph 0 chlorine no new fish or changes, any ideas?
  2. Hi all, I have an established 55 gallon community tank with good water parameters. Zero ammonia and nitrite, 10-20 nitrate. I have 7 leopard danios as part of the community. One has been bloated like this for about 4-6 weeks. She acts normal and eats everyday. None of my other danios are like this. Any thoughts on what’s going on? Thanks, Dean
  3. My green tiger barb has been very bloated for the past week or so and i dont know what to do my friends are telling me that i might have to be ready for it to die but i dont want that to happen.My theory is that it has been eating my sand substrate.i feed once a day and a very good amount for everyone.Any tips or ideas would be great thank you
  4. My angelfish is bloating whenever i feed ive tried feeding smaller amounts and i try to isolate it while feeding to monitor how much it eats just by distracting it on the other end of the tank while slowing feeding the other side to make sure theres no excess food in the tank he can eat but it seems within a few minutes the bottom of the abdomen swells it goes away a few hours later and it doesn't have a sunken stomach if i accidentally miss a feeding i only feed twice a day so i try to keep each feeding 12 hours apart witch seems to be keeping the fish alive but it doesnt seem to me the fish could be healthy im new to fish keeping so im hoping im wrong
  5. I have a male Betta living in a community tank that has a really swollen chest. It looks like he has swollowed a marble. Only noticed today. Tank is 20 gallons, heavily planted with 8 cherry barbs, 8 silver tip tetras and four siamese flying fox. Nitrates - 30ppm PH - 7.4 KH - 3 GH - 6 Ammonia and nitrite at zero. Temp is 70 degrees. Last water changes was 4 days ago and no other recent changes to the tank. The betta has been in the tank for almost a year with no issues. For the last week, the tank has been fed baby brine shrimp, frozen brine, frozen daphnia and frozen blood worms. Baby brine in the morning and a frozen cube in the afternoon. I suspect bloating of some kind and have put him in a hang on isolation tank. Any suggestions on treatment? Thanks, Shaun
  6. My betta friend was looking perfectly normal yesterday. He was kind of big this morning, as though he had just had a very large meal, this evening he is severely bloated and pineconing. I had no idea this kind of thing happened so fast!! 10 gallon, 80 degrees, tank running for nearly a year, had this betta for a few months, he lives with 6 ember tetras and shrimp, params 0/0/5, water change 20% a week, struggle to keep enough nitrogen in there for all the plants, pH 7.6, dh 9, kh 7, tank is heavily planted. Never had any other issues with this guy except for a brief tail biting incident when he had no tank mates and got bored- well healed up from that. No change in colour or behaviour, he is still very active and engaged and begging for food. His staple foods are hikari micropellets and bug bites but he gets a large variety with frozen foods about once a week. I've never dealt with this before!! I don't wanna lose this guy, he's the best. I'm in Canada so no antibiotics or meds available here.
  7. Hello! My friend has a black molly that we thought was pregnant. She had given birth to many fry previously and looked as though she was about to again. She hasn’t dropped fry and is still very bloated. She’s still swimming and eating normally. She’s been fasted and had some shelled peas. Then tonight she started hanging out towards the top by the heater and we noticed a white spot near her anal fin. We tried to get the best pictures possible. pH: 8.2 Nitrates >20 Hardness 200 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 180 Water Temperature 78.2Start new topic Any thoughts? There has been no major changes in the tank & it’s been running for 3+ years. There are no new tank mates aside from their fry.
  8. one of my orandas has a swollen side. has been in my pond since Dec 2020. water temp is 75 degrees. no issues with eating or swimming. noticed a slight uneven body shape upon receiving him from a breeder but he has become more swollen over time. any ideas?
  9. Over the last two weeks she seems to be getting wider and wider. She hasn't been eating and has very little movement. She seems to be panting and looks in distress. The male hardly every comes out from under the big cave but they've had babies in the past. Any suggestions on what I can do? She's in a 40 high with 1 medium and one small discs and her male counterpart.
  10. My female Agassizii got super fat in the course of 2-3 days. I honestly don't know if she's full of eggs or sick. Can anyone help? If you think she's pregnant I can move this topic to the breeding section. Thanks! Temp. 79⁰F NO3 0 NO2 0 pH 6.5 KH 4 GH 6
  11. Hello, I wanted some opinions of this angelfish’s health. I checked the water and everything is reading o ppm before and after the water change. But she is very swollen and doesn’t seem to be eating. But she also haven’t laid eggs in at least three weeks. Also odd as she was spawning every 14 or so days. And I’m starting to think she has pop eye but I’m not real sure, I put some salt in the tank at 2 tablespoons for the twenty gallon. And have been feeding frozen brine and bbs to try and she if it is bloat. Any ideas?
  12. So I bought white clouds from a petsmart a while back (20) and I ended up with 10 surviving to today (months/1year later?). I brought in my water to be tested and it was within parameters so they refunded me the dead ones (they were young and it turns out they had gotten to the store the day before) I was feeding them some bug bites along with frozen brine. They grew and a few got really round and they started dying (the ballooning ones). I ended up stopping feeding them frozen brine and I didn't have any more deaths. I now feed them a couple good flake and live baby brine. They have been through two treatments of para lense in October. Nobody has died since that first month but I have one that is super balloon-like, not just female looking. I am hoping to breed them in tubs this spring but could this fish have parasites that would pass on to offspring? Should I be worried or because nothing has happened just leave good enough alone? Blurry pictures because they won't stand still
  13. Hello, I have a rainbow guppy that i've had for a long time, today i noticed that he was very bloated and his tail had took a lot of damage. I don't know when or how this happened, i watch this tank a lot, it had to have happened last night or something. He's in the tank with two other guppys and one platy. They're all very friendly and have been together for many months so i doubt he was attacked, but idk how else this tail damage could have happened. For the record, i don't know if it's a he or a she, my first guess was that it was pregnant but i doubt it as i've had them for months and there has been no breeding before. About a week ago i introduced new plants, shrimp, and a pleco. I don't have any way to quarantine them so i was wondering if they brought in some disease and what i can do about this. All the other fish seem very healthy. I did used to have another platy that we had for a very long time but he died several weeks ago. But he was getting old and was just a petsmart fish. The tank is cycled and all the paramaters are steady. i keep them at about 76 degrees. Sorry if some of the pictures are flipped, they didn't transfer to my computer very well.
  14. hi can anyone please help with this ! I have had two gold gourami's for about a month now, one is doing great putting on good size already, the other has looked bloated for the last 2 weeks and hardly but any size on, I've not noticed it eating at all for at least 6 days or poop at all in that time ! i have just finished a treatment of melafix as advised by my LFS and nothing has changed. do you lovely people have any idea or had this before ? Thank You ! nitrates 10ppm nitrites and ammonia 0 ppm temp 25c/ 77f Ph 7.5 to 7.8
  15. Hi All - I'm concerned about my fish. I'm pretty new in the hobby and am not sure what healthy fish are supposed to look like when they mature. Many of my fish seem to look blotted to me, especially my female swordtails and my gourami. I took my swordtails out for two weeks to medicate them in a QT, but there was very little difference in appearance afterwards. The only symptom is that they look pregnant, but they have looked that way for months. They are not lethargic, nor show pine cone scales, and their feces seem normal color and normal size. They have normal appetite as well. One person I spoke to about this felt that they probably have dead babies inside and will eventually die as a result. The problem is that I bought a Opaline Gourami about two months ago and she now seems possibly bloated as well, albeit, less than the others. My next thought then was that maybe I'm overfeeding them and they are suffering from blotted stomachs. However, part of my treatment of the swordtails had that in mind and I starved them 3 days and then feed them peas for a while. Furthermore, all three fish seem to poop normally. Regardless, I cut back on feeding them to only twice a day instead of three times. The question I have is whether there is a real problem or are they perfectly normal and I'm making something out of nothing? Here are some pics. Sorry if they are not clear enough. P.S. - I also don't know if my danios look normal.
  16. One of my 18 Embers in a species only tank is looking very pale and slightly bloated. Middle fish in the attached photo. Noticed its condition about a week ago. No apparent change. Had it at least 6 months. Behavior is as normal but spits out flake food, only eating baby brine shrimp. Appears to be slightly labored breathing. Any comments welcome!
  17. One of my guppies started to slow down about 3 days ago and yesterday when feeding he went to the food but didn't eat. My wife remarked about a week ago that his belly got big. He spends most of his time pretty still near the surface now. Anyone know what could be wrong? temp 75f, ph 7.6-8.0 (hard to read, but steady), gh 6, kh 3, A/N/N 0/0/5
  18. I've recieved this special lady in this condition about 2.5 weeks. Does she just have a bent spine? She eats fine and is super active. Also is she bloated or is she egg heavy?
  19. I got some black skirt tetras about a year ago and one of them was either bloated when I bought them or became bloated shortly after. I can’t remember. Is there anyway I can help the fish? It’s been like this for over a year and acts normal for the most part, so I have no clue what could be wrong. The photo with the amazon sword plant was taken in January of this year and the other 2 are from right now
  20. I added a group of 10 lemon tetras to my 40 gal breeder community a couple of weeks ago. I've got one who looks quite a bit fatter and a bit paler than the rest. Acting fine, no scales sticking out. I've been trying to figure out if it's just a she vs. a he, and I've got a lot of males, but there aren't many photos online comparing the two. Ammonia and nitrites are 0, pH 7, nitrate ~10 ppm, and temp is 80. Appreciate any thoughts.
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