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Found 10 results

  1. Hi y'all. I upgraded from 29g to a 75g Sunday. I moved everything including gravel and filter (I added another filter also), garden snails and 20+ Platy's. The fish were doing great, eating, swimming around, breading and looked healthy before the move. Now, the snails are all gone, I cant find any of them. I'v lost 5 or more month old fry. The fish are not as active and a lot are at the top of the water or laying on bottom. They are moving slowly and have clinched fins. I don't see anything physically wrong on them, no spots or discoloration. Maybe not as colorful as I have seen them. They are eating. The tank smells... not good, but not gross. (Im thinking dead snails and a few small fish I can not find) Temp - 78* PH - 7.8+ (hard to read API master test) Ammonia - 0 Nitrites - 0 Nitrates - 5.0 KG - 53.7 (3 drops) Gh - 53.7 (3 drops) I added a dose of Seachem Equilibrium last night and this morning I started a treatment of ParaCleans. Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any advice or ideas y'all can offer.
  2. adamh

    Angelfish help

    Just came to my fish room and my angels look suddenly strange. Showing clamped fin? And seem to be a little gaspy. temp 78f ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 35 GH 250ppm chlorine 0 kh 50ppm ph 7.5 thoughts?
  3. I got him about a week ago...I have him in an 8 gallon tank and it’s been cycled he has a heart that keeps his take at 78-80f I do water changes every two weeks I test my water 0 ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrite , 20ppm nitrate. I have no clue why he is look like that? Can someone help?
  4. Water Parameters: pH - about 7 Nitrates - about 10 Hardness - between 150-300ppm Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 80ish Water Temperature - 77-79 F 45 gallon 2 live Anubia plants 1 driftwood 2 air stones 2 aquaclear 70 HOB filters - carbon, poly filter and purigen being used sand substrate usually do a 25% water change every 2 weeks but probably switching to 10% every week Current Stock: 4 Amano Shrimp 1 hillstream loach 2 oto catfish 1 glo danio 4 glo tetras 4 cory cats 5 guppies I've had my tank set up since last January. Newbie here. I've had terrible luck and lost probably about 20 fish/shrimp/snails over that time. About 8 months in, I found out, by luck, that I had copper in my tap water. I have switched water source and now have no copper. Added poly filter and it turned really blue right away. I waited until all the copper was out of my water and made sure no more fish were dying before recently adding more. I don't currently have a quarantine tank. My very first fish were 5 glo tetras and 5 glo danios from Petco. Not sure if they were sick when I got them. I have 1 remaining glo danio and 4 remaining glo tetras. Put in 5 guppies a week ago. They were gorgeous. Now 1 has a tail more than half gone, 2 have beginning signs of fin rot, my lfs thinks I might have ich on my glo tetras tails. Removed Carbon, Poly Filter and Purigen. Treated for 1 day with Melafix and MetroPlex (at the advice of my LFS). Felt like my 1 guppy was looking worse, another guppy is now sitting on the bottom breathing heavy and hiding, and had read that Melafix doesn't really treat fin rot but can aid in fin repair after the underlying bacteria is gone. So I did a 25% water change and followed Aquarium Co-Op's suggestion of treating with 1tsp of Ich-X per 10 gallon and Maracyn 1 packet per 10 gallons. (I treated for 40 gallons to account for the space the sand and decor takes up.) It's now been 24 hours. I'm feeling like there is no improvement. I know I'm super anxious because I have lost so many fish and I'm new to treating my tank, but the YouTube video says to NOT follow the instructions and to just dose once and then leave the tank for a week. The instructions say to dose everyday. PLEASE HELP!!! What do I do????? Thanks so much.
  5. I know I'm full of questions today! But, I picked up this Betta from a local breeder Saturday. She's been playing and seemed to be doing well, but last night I noticed clamped fins. My plan was always to wait until Monday morning to start meds so I could feed her and observe. Guess I waited too long. Amonia 0-.25 (barely showing a green color in master kit) Nitrites 0 Nitrates somewhere between 20 pH 8.2 I am feeling like it's the harder water and pH causing the issue, which there is nothing I can do about with immediacy. The water in my area is much harder than the breeder's, but I didn't realize this until after already bringing her home that this could be an issue. I'm heart broken 😢 Poor thing. Started med trio first thing this morning. Have you ever had a fish that's recovered from clamped fins before? She has no other signs of distress.
  6. Please help my platies have clamped fins one is always staying at the surface they were fine before and I just noticed this today.
  7. Kind of long but any help is greatly appreciated....🙏🏼 55 gallon Ammonia was .25-.5 and still is .25 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5.0 Ph 7.4 I had an ammonia spike. (I’m doing water changes and have added prime) A couple weeks ago my canister filter started leaking. I had to use my hang on back filter until I received the part to fix my canister. Once the part came I hooked my canister back up but I think I lost some beneficial bacteria in the process even though I put my sponges in the hang on back filter and the rest of the media inside the aquarium. The hang on back filter was a topfin 60. It didn’t move my water as well and my water started to develop an odor which it never had before. I have added charcoal and I've done a water change yesterday and today. Today I used some stress coat and prime. Yesterday after the water change they all shed their slime coats. They were twitching and shaking their heads(today too after water change). Today I noticed the red streaks, shown in the pics with arrows, which weren’t visible before. The red streaks are in dorsal and anal fins of the 2 koi’s too. The angel in pics #4-6 is looking white on top it’s head. I circled those areas. The 2 koi’s fins have also started to look cloudy/milky when they were completely clear a couple days ago. They are still eating. Is this just ammonia causing all the issues or is there more I need to be treating?? Septicemia, Columnaris, HITH? What do I do to save my fish? 🥺 white areas circled- not fuzzy or cottony, doesn’t look dented or like a crater either...
  8. I was woulndering if it is commen for hillstream loach's tail fin to be clamped most the time?
  9. I got my betta from a local store about two weeks ago. I had him in a Back to the Roots 3 gal for a few days, long story short did research too late, found new local pet store and moved him to a 10 gal which is still in the process of cycling. Added a lot of plants and three rummynose tetras. pH 6.8/7 Nitrates: 0 Nitrites: 0 Hardness: unsure Ammonia: .5, did a 25% water change and didn't feed this morning KH/Buffer: unsure Water temperature: 80 F Tuesday: Noticed appetite decrease, didn’t notice (until reviewing photos) top fin was clamped. Wednesday: Still low appetite and swimming erratically. Thursday: I noticed white spots on him, all over his body but more so around his eyes and face. Please note that spots got worse since photos were taken, especially around the eyes and under the chin. It is really hard to get a good photo with my phone camera. Rushed to local pet store. The employee thought it was velvet and recommended aquarium salt treatment so I moved plants to the old 3 gal. Dosed 10 gal with 9tsp (1 per gal), then 9 more 12 hours later, then once more 12 hours later, per recommendation. Total 3tsp per gal, 27 total. After the 2nd dosing I moved rummynose out to the other tank because they weren’t looking so great. Keeping an eye on chemical levels in both tanks, everything is fine there and I’m doing water changes as soon as ammonia hits .5 (side note ,would adding the salt affect the ammonia readings at all?) It’s been a little over 18 hours since the last dose. Appetite and energy seem to be coming back. Fin is still clamped, white spots got worse since videos were taken a couple days ago, especially around face and chin. Now they seem a liiiittle better, but hard to tell. Any feedback helps, I’m trying to trust knowledge of local aquarist but want to make sure I’m on the right track before it’s too late if a correction in treatment is needed. PS I feel terrible having the betta alone in the 10 gal while all my plants, 3 rummys, and one snail are crowded in the little 3 gall. Next time will do differently but do you think I should try and transition and carefully switch the tanks occupants? I don't know how long the treatment will take, I feel so bad for moving them around so much already and want to do the right thing. At this point I don't know if that's to make everyone more comfortable or to leave them be.
  10. My betta (Hue) has what I believe are clamped fins. I’ve tried various medications, including the med trio. I had salt in the water at a low amount (less than a teaspoon per gallon) for awhile but there was no real measurable improvement, no surprise. I did notice, if I didn’t add salt his fins would begin to clamp to the point of tearing. It’s most noticeable in his dorsal fin and the top of his tail. I found the co op’s article about salt and have tried both levels 1 and 2. I’m a little scared to try level 3, a tablespoon per gallon sounds like a lot. I’m new to the hobby, Hue is my first betta and the first fish I’ve been the sole keeper of. I want to do right by him but I’m concerned I may be completely off the mark with his health, but since I’ve had him his dorsal fin has never opened fully and often looks like a sad tattered flag when he lifts it. I guess my questions for the more experienced minds out there are, can bettas really handle 1 Tbs per gallon of salt? Thoughts on his fins? Can I keep live plants with him if I’m not concerned about losing them to salt? I would prefer he has some enrichment while being treated. Last one is how often do you change water when treating with salt? Thank you to anyone who read this.
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