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  1. Yea I'm hoping that they'll work out the kinks. I could see the fry bobbing around in the cave and then nothing. So I was pretty bummed
  2. Hi guys, I have an albino pair of Kribs that have laid eggs twice now. The first time my yoyo loach broke in the cave and took it over and the second time the eggs hatched and the parents tended to them constantly protecting the cave. But after about 4/5 days they've completely abandoned the cave and I don't see any sign of fry. Is there anything I can do to prevent this next time around? Or is it just the pair learning how to raise them? Thanks 🥲
  3. Me too! That's ok, I'm Canadian so we don't have a lot to work with over here. Just trying what I can
  4. Me too, I've been freaking out since I saw him like that. I don't want any of my other frogs to get it either so i seperated him after i finally found him again
  5. I did some research and all the answers I came across was it was safe for them. I only half dosed it to be safe. I will try the leaves though
  6. I just found him and he did shed! It looks like most of the fungus came off too. I half dosed my tank with some Pimafix and a bit of salt. Did a water change before that though. Still the only frog/fish in my tank that has any signs of this. Hoping he recovers
  7. Is there anything I can do to treat it? Or is it a lost cause
  8. From what I could tell, it was more on TOP of his arm/onto the back area Around his bum and legs I could see he was starting to shed, so I'm kinda hoping it might just shed off it him? Not sure though. Never seen it before and I have many frogs
  9. Hi Guys, I have an African dwarf frog that has this white spot on him. It appears to be starting to shed, so i'm hoping this sheds off it but has anyone seen this before? All my other frogs look healthy. Is there anything I can do to help? p.s sorry if i don't reply immediately, heading to work after i post this. Just noticed it while getting ready.
  10. Okay! I'll have to get some and try that!
  11. I just tested the tap water, comes up around 6.5. It has rock substrate, and we recently started adding plants maybe a month ago. Should I do a huge water change?
  12. Hey guys, So I'm trying to redo my dad's 75 gallon tank cause we call it the death trap tank. Everything he seems to put in dies. I've tested his levels and everything comes back fairly ok minus his pH is insanely low. Like 5.0 low. I've rushed out and bought some ph up stuff but it will only rise to about 6.0 and then the next day falls again. We removed the carbon as we read that can affect it too. I'm not sure what to do at this point. The weird thing is that I don't understand too is that I also have aquariums in the same house, and my pH is high compared to his. Mine comes in around 8.0. Any advice? I don't want his fish to keep dying.
  13. I have 2 Clown Pleco's but I have absolutely no idea regarding their sex. I have one who has recently started fanning, all the time. It doesn't have a "Cave" But they each stay on opposite sides of the tank and have created their own little space. I have ordered a Cave for them but Idk. Is this a mating thing? Or is it just content?
  14. Yea it looks super cool, just hope I'm not doing anything wrong😬
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