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  1. I have 2 Clown Pleco's but I have absolutely no idea regarding their sex. I have one who has recently started fanning, all the time. It doesn't have a "Cave" But they each stay on opposite sides of the tank and have created their own little space. I have ordered a Cave for them but Idk. Is this a mating thing? Or is it just content?
  2. Yea it looks super cool, just hope I'm not doing anything wrong😬
  3. I have several adult ghost shrimp, and I have one in particular that has turned like a blueish colour. I have others who are a bit brownish or have flecks of brown. Also one who is kinda cloud white, who actually just hatched a bunch of eggs. I read online like reddit and such people saying it's a molting issue, or water parameters etc. I tested my waters and everything looks good, where it should be. Only thing I didn't test was like hardness as I don't have that test currently. I also read it could be because of old age? I have no idea. I saw many had shrimp that looked like mine, but I've seen several molts so I know they are successfully molting. I don't know 🤦‍♀️ I have a video buttt I can't upload it here..
  4. It's kind of a recent thing, probably 3 weeks now. She's actually been improving while by herself, seems like the males really made her hate it. I see her more and more swimming but of course when I come closer she sits at the bottom. I'll probably just let her stay by herself. Is adding salt with snails and shrimp okay?
  5. I have a female guppy who prefers to lay at the bottom of the tank. She can swim, eat and I've seen her poop, none of my other fish are effected at all so I don't think it's stress or anything. I had her in my bigger 32 gallon and moved her to a smaller 5 gallon as it has sand substrate vs gravel to lay on. She swims around just fine but just prefers to sit at the bottom. At first I just assumed it was to get away from males, thus me moving her away from them but nothing's changed so I'm not sure.
  6. Hey! My name is Emily and I'm from Canada! I got into fish keeping last year after all this pandemic stuff inspired me. I have a 32.5 gallon community tank. I have an absolute LOVE for shrimp and rabbit snails. Happy to have found this forum!
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