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Found 12 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I have a clown pleco in a 10 gallon aquarium with driftwood and wanted to know if I could remove the driftwood and use Repashy Morning Wood instead. I ask this because he makes a mess munching on the wood and it’s a real pain to constantly remove it. This is more of an aesthetic problem because he seems plump and really healthy and I realize that munching on the wood is important in his diet. Thank you
  2. Man I love my guy! Definitely one of the easiest coolest fish!! You don’t even have to feed them! Just put some wood in and boom! Also even though they are super reclusive and are almost never seen, when you see it it is truly a treat! I have gone days without a seeing a peep! But when you do see it, you are in for a treat! And since they are small, you get the pleco in a small package! What’s not to love?
  3. So I’m trying to select either a clown pleco or twig catfish sp for my community tank(the South American), which do you think would be better?
  4. Hey guys I’m new here and new to keeping fish. I had a 20 gallon tank for about 4 months and had it stocked with neon tetras and a bristlenose pleco and a clown pleco. I just recently upgraded to a 29 gallon tank and still have the same stock in it. 8 neons and the 2 plecos. Will the bristlenose and clown pleco be ok to stay in the 29 gallon? They are both very small maybe only an inch and a half. The clown pleco hides 95% of the time in the driftwood and the bristlenose is always out and about on the glass or driftwood. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey all! I know (and have experienced) bristlenose plecos eating amazon swords, but I'm wondering if the same is true of clown plecos? In general, does this just apply to amazon swords or other varieties, including the melon sword and the red flame sword? This is a picture of the pleco in question by the way. I've never gotten a solid confirmation on his specific type, but I'm assuming clown pleco (I was given this fish, originally bought from an LFS for $50)? There is one other pleco in the aquarium that is definitely a clown pleco.
  6. My new clown pleco, Pennywise, doesn't seem to have any interest in his algae wafers (tetra brand). Pennywise is still new to the tank so I didn't expect him to eat a lot but it seems to be only the wafers that he won't eat. He nibbles on the driftwood, the algae on the back wall, and the cucumber slice I gave the other day. Should I try a different brand? Does anybody else have this problem?
  7. I have 2 Clown Pleco's but I have absolutely no idea regarding their sex. I have one who has recently started fanning, all the time. It doesn't have a "Cave" But they each stay on opposite sides of the tank and have created their own little space. I have ordered a Cave for them but Idk. Is this a mating thing? Or is it just content?
  8. Last week a tan ick like disease showed up on half of the clown plecos in my 90 gallon. It is only on 4/8 of them and has not affected any of the 60 panda cory's, bristlenose, SAE, or my schoutedeni puffer. The clown pleco's were all fat and happy when they entered the tank after 2 months of quarantine with med trio and 3 rounds of deworming. They've been in the tank for almost 4 months before this showed up. Tank parameters are: Ph 7.6, ammonia/nitrite are 0 with 5ppm nitrates, Hardness 120ppm, KH 460PPM. Water temp in normally 76F but I bumped it to 80F. I used the med trio on the tank for the last week with no affect. The clown plecos are getting sunken in stomachs but only the ones with tan spots. Tank is planted so I've avoided salt. Thanks for any input or advice in advance. Any questions about tank or parameters I will try and answer.
  9. I have a clown pleco I'm planning on moving from his current 20 gallon to a 10 gallon for quarantine. There's 2 reasons why I'm moving him for quarantine. I plan on rescaping the 20 gallon aquarium completely in the next few months. And most importantly, the 20 gallon aquarium used to house a handful of guppies but sadly each guppy passed from an illness I couldn't identify nor treat. Over the course of my fighting battle with the guppy's mystery illness I had used (these treatments were not combined, used separately) Kanaplex, E.M. Erythromycin, and Fungus Cure. Nothing worked, one guppy passed at least once if not every 2 months. The clown pleco that lived with them never showed any signs of distress and continues to act normal. It's been at least 3-4 months since I lost the final guppy, since then the pleco has lived on it's own. I guess my question is when I move the clown pleco to his 10 gallon quarantine tank, what should I treat him with so I don't run the risk of reintroducing the disease again? I'll be sterilizing all of the salvageable materials from the 20 gallon, emptying it out for awhile in the meantime before I start it all over again.
  10. I knows it’s early but if any of you pros out there want to weigh in I’m all ears. It’s just under 3”. Looking to rehome the fish and would like to be as descriptive as possible. Thanks!
  11. I just bought a young clown pleco L448 is what I believe it to be. I’ve been doing an extensive amount of reading about them and it seems that they’re fairly difficult to breed but if my suspicions of mine being L448 they’re the easiest of the panaqolus to breed. Any tips or advice from pleco breeders would be very appreciated.
  12. Today is the first day that I've ever had to deal with Ich. My betta and clown pleco were swimming perfectly fine yesterday. This morning, my clown pleco was completely covered in spots while my betta only has spots on her fins as far as I can tell. I immediately ran out and bought some Imagitarium Parasite Remedy, and did a 30% water change making sure to focus the vacuum in the sand for cysts. The tank was cycled with live plants for a week before adding the betta. My concerns are whether I am doing enough, and what should I do after their both "cured". I've read Ich can make a reappearance so I want to know what to do in terms of sanitizing after the outbreak. My current treatment (will be doing for 2 weeks) is going to be a 20% water change every day, vacuuming the substrate for any loose ich cysts, and adding the dosage recommended by Imagitarium. My current set up consists of a 5.5 gallon glass aquarium with a lid, a 10 watt lamp, a heater keeping the water at 82, and a Forza 5-15 filter with Bio Rings, ammonia remover, coarse sponge on both ends. . I tested my water for nitrates, nitrites, and free ammonia and they were all within ideal, safe levels. I do 30% water changes every week as well as vacuum the sand, and add water conditioner and Seachem Prime after the water changes. Was this preventable? Did I do anything wrong? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I really want my pets to pull through.
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