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  1. I just watched the "how to" video ,but I have a question. If you only want live brine shrimp for 3 gallon tank for clown killifish and you do not need whole container worth of liquid, how can I hatch brine shrimp in smaller quantity like 1 tbs worth or less;that is probably more than needed amount but...? Hatching seems easy but unsure of how to hatch much much smaller amount. At first, I thought, "Ok, I can follow the step by step method and then maybe keep in fridge or freeze the portion but @Cory said in the video the liquid is only good for a day... Thus,I wondered this question. I do have Ocean nutrition brand's instant baby brine shrimp that I keep in fridge. If I got only tiny tank like 3 gallon size, then, I can just feed frozen or instant brine shrimp to clown killifish? Any tips are appreciated. I have aquarium salt from Fritz.I do not have hatching container just yet.I do not have clown killifish either just yet.I would like to get some soon. Thank you.
  2. I am wondering what kind of salt everyone uses to hatch brine shrimp. I have been using kosher salt with a pinch of baking soda but I was interested to see what everyone else uses and wondering if the salt I am using negatively affects the hatch. Thanks for any input!
  3. So I bought brine shrimp eggs from Amazon and they suck. Maybe 50% hatch rate. I did order aquarium coop eggs just waiting for them to get here. In the meantime, I was wondering if I can take the eggs that didn't hatch and run them again? Or if they won't hatch regardless? Thanks in advance!
  4. I've seen the videos about Cory's outdoor tub of brine shrimp. I've recently moved into a house so I have the opportunity to setup a couple of tubs outside. My question is . . . I live in HOT Arizona. How temperature sensitive is/are brine shrimp?
  5. Hello all! I've recently started hatching baby brine for my fish, using the Ziss hatchery. Fish love it, and I love making it - but I tend to have a lot of baby brine that hatch, but die. Is this normal? They quickly sink so it actually works well for my loaches and shrimp, but just wondering if I'm doing anything wrong. My method: - Fill a little below line, so there isn't splash - Use Aquarium Co-Op Measuring Spoon™ to measure out two tablespoons of salt - Room temp water and no heater, so around 74 degrees - USB air pump, with the rigid tubing and diffuser included with the hatchery, reaches to the bottom - collect after 24 hours Thanks in advance!
  6. They have the orange gold color, but don't swim around. Do they need to "cook" a bit longer? These are from Aquarium Co-op and the shells previously looked alot darker brown
  7. Okay so I’m hatching baby brine shrimp for my fish. After they hatch how long do they stay alive? As in can I hatch a bunch and keep the in the hatchery for a few days? Feeding the fish for a few days essentially.
  8. This past week I saw a video on YouTube of someone hatching live bbs in a bowl with salt water and eggs of course! It had me very interested so I ordered some brine shrimp from aquarium co op and tried it myself! All I can say is WOW!! No air stone no heater just let them sit and I have so many bbs! I fed my 3 aquariums at 24hrs of the brine shrimp sitting now it’s been about 34 hours and there are still so many! Curious if they’ll survive until morning so I can get 2 feedings out of it! Really impressed with the hatch rate!! It was my first time so I may have went a little crazy on the eggs! I honestly didn’t think I used very much I have a pic since it won’t let me post a video! All the little things mid water are live bbs. Just wanted to share in case someone else wanted to give it a shot! My fish went crazy for the live food earlier
  9. I wanted to be lazy and thought I might be able to hatch my BBS under a grow light I have going already. I was going to ask if anyone has done it but then I found this paper [1] that showed that yield was pretty good but not as good under blue vs white. They didn't test red+blue vs white but it looks like color does play a factor (even when controlling for the number of photons). I thought someone else might think its interesting too so I'm posting it. [1]: https://academic.oup.com/jcb/article/36/4/515/2735716
  10. I'm using a DIY setup with the upside down 2ltr. Since the picture, I've switched to gently feeding air in the bottom with no stone. I have a 75w incandescent bulb positioned to where it keeps water temp between 79 and 80F. I have tried 2 batches now, letting them run for up to 72 hours checking on them multiple times a day. I'm not sure what the issue is. My tap water is hard with PH of 8.0 so I don't add baking soda, and I've tried (aquarium)salt concentrations of 1Tbs per liter and 1.5Tbs per liter. I'm using 2 scoops of eggs(80% hatch from "brineshrimpdirect", 4months old, refrigerated) using the little scoop provided with the eggs. I'll get a very small percentage of hatch, but there's so many unhatched eggs still left that it's not even worth harvesting those. I was previously using one of those black round hatching trays with decent success, but was hoping to get more with this DIY setup. Hoping someone here can tell me the missing piece in my BBS hatching recipe or method. Thanks!
  11. I'm trying out my diy BBS hatcher with the upside down 2ltr bottle and an airstone at the bottom. My question is, how will I know when the shrimp have hatched? Will I visibly be able to tell even with the airstone running and water circulation? Do I need to turn off the air and wait for things to settle? It's kind of hard for me to guess a time frame as well since I've been having to play with the light height to keep the water heated to where I want.
  12. The attachment spot for the airline broke off on mine after only one use. I was able to super glue it back on. Just thought it was unusual considering I have heard that it is such a great product.
  13. Still a few days left for Christmas shopping, what are you going to get your fish?
  14. So I've been hatching brine shrimp for my fry. I've been using 1 TBS API aquarium salt per 1 liter water and I've been having no issues. I recently saw Instant ocean sea salt for sale and decided to pick it up and give it a try. I used the same ratio salt to water and had issues with hatching. Is there a problem using this salt for brine shrimp hatching or should I be using a different ratio? Thanks in advance for the help guys
  15. Hi. My name is Tim. I am new to the form. I have never done this before. So please bear with me. I hope I do this right. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is normal for brine shrimp eggs to float after being in the hatcher for a few hours.
  16. I’ve been hatching bbs for a while now and it’s going great! My baby gouramis love them. But I’ve been trying to grow the leftover shrimp up in a separate container, and it’s not working. 😛 I have a 3 liter bowl from our kitchen that I’ve been using as the grow-out container. I don’t have a tds meter or anything to test salinity, but I’ve been using 2 tbsp salt per liter. I have a bubbling air line in there, some crushed oyster shell to help counteract my soft water, and I’ve been feeding them a pinch of spirulina powder once or twice a day. The first time I fed very sparingly, and the second time I fed a bit more. I do have a light on them during the day but I turn it off at night. Our house stays at 70-71. I haven’t been scrubbing the bowl out since I figure the same principle applies here as does with our tanks—that beneficial bacteria will grow on the edges of the bowl and on the oyster shell and I want to leave them there. I have replaced the water between attempts though. Am I thinking of this all wrong? Is there something I’m missing? Do I have too much salt? Too little heat? Too much acid? (Not enough fat? 😉 ) Any tips would be appreciated. 🙂
  17. Having issues hatching brine shrimp. I have a ziss blender. Ph 7.4 o 7.6. Temp is 28c. Shrimp hatch within 30 hours. But hard to harvest shrimp due to shrimp eggs falling to bottom of container with the hatched brine shrimp. Im from ireland so i cannot buy your eggs Any help appreciated.
  18. Hi I have been hatching brine shrimp for the past couple day. I only have like 20 fry and rest goes to bigger fish to feed so I'm using 1/4 teaspoon of eggs. What salt/baking soda would you recommend ? Im experimenting 3 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda for the last batch. Does this look ready its been 24hour or should I give it longer time? Temp is at 75degree
  19. Some do some don't, but here is why I rinse my newly hatched brine shrimp before feeding to fry. So in a tablespoon of brine shrimp eggs there approximately 420,000 to 450,000 brine shrimp eggs. I use eggs that are supposed to give a 90% hatch rate so let just say around 400,000 hatch in a little less that 2 liters of water. It is generally agreed upon that they hatch in 24-48 hours and I run my hatchers for 36 hours. Now I want you to think about this. . . baby brine shrimp hatch and start swimming about, they also more that likely start feeding on whatever exists in the water be it dead shrimp parts, decaying shells, etc. we know this because you can see growth right from the start. Well. . . if they start eating they also start peeing, pooping, excreting, whatever shrimp do. All this umm stuff is of course just bubbling around in the hatching water, and you want to dump it into your fry tanks? Just for the sake of 30 seconds of rinsing it off? My picture shows what the hatching water generally looks like after straining all the shrimp and shells out, pretty grungy right, and the saltwater ammonia test is way off the chart. Do you still want to just dump that into your fry tanks? Now just take a whiff of that hatching water, you still want to dump that in your fry tanks. I know that there are those on both sides of the benefits to rinse or not to rinse your newly hatched brine shrimp. I"m not on the fence with this, I'm firmly on the side of the fence that I always rinse my newly hatched baby brine shrimp before feeding. What if it makes the difference between having 90 fry surviving from a spawn or 300 fry surviving? I've found that sometimes in the fishroom it's just those few extra minutes here and there that produce the much better final results. Oh, and I can't imagine that any fish wants that shrimp pee, poop, or ammonia flavor on their first meals of their life.
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