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  1. Wrapping the tub with insulation materials( like foil and then a blanket) can help. Also a lid that helps to hold heat will improve it tremendously
  2. Ich-X is usually my go to treatment, as they are not responding to that the next thing I would try is salt. But be careful as it will kill your live plants. Plants and salt do not mix. In my experience the combo of salt and ich-x usually knocks it away in a couple of day. As how it is compared to copper I can't say, I avoid copper because it is harsher med and also not invertebrate safe. I have found some rasboras to be sensitive to velvet outbreaks, particularly when there are shifts in temperature.
  3. Easy Green is a complete fertilizer and p. octopus is a water column feeder. Some plants might require a different or extra supplementation, such as scarlet temple(easy iron) or amazon swords( root tabs). However octopus is not one of those, it will do great with just easy green.
  4. Make sure to bury them deep into the substrate, if they are floating up it usually means they are not being pushed down deep enough.
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