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  1. I've really only tried antibiotics so far though so it could be something else, right? Do you think General Cure is worth a shot? Fungus Cure? (I don't think it's fungus though, it's not protruding from his scales or anything...simply discoloration. Even the tips of his fins which are meant to be red are more pinkish orange now).
  2. Thank you! I have already been feeding Everything Aquatic Generic Trio flake, which is medicated with metronidazole, nitrofurazone, and kanamycin sulfate - does that make you lean one way or the other?
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/Boraras/comments/puq69u/whats_wrong_with_this_chili_rasbora_already/?sort=top Tank temp: 78/79 pH: 6.7 Nitrate: 10 Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 Water changes 25/30% once a week. 13 gallon (24 inches long) with AquaClear 50 filter. I use a mix of Prime and Stress Coat as water conditioner for changes. The fish eats fine, swims fine (she is capable of swimming fine - she does spend a fair amount of time hiding away from the school, hovering) but is just bizarrely discolored and getting progressively worse.
  4. Haha oh man! Thanks! I try to bury them all the way until I hit the bottom of the tank but i think they float up as I'm pulling the planting tweezers up through the substrate after. I'll experiment with different ways to bury them.
  5. My substrate is pretty lightweight and my chili rasboras are dumb. A few times I've buried root tabs and looked up a bit later to see a big white and green amorphous blob floating in the water with the rasboras trying to eat it - I've quickly fished out the tab and trashed it to be safe but is it likely to hurt them?
  6. My tank is about nine months old - 13g 16" deep with chili rasboras and cherry shrimp, Flourite substrate with root tabs and a Fluval Plant 3.0 light. It has a fair amount of established plants: anubias, java ferns, red flame swords, dwarf water lettuce and hitchhiker duckweed. I mysteriously killed a few supposedly easy plants over the last several months, within a week of getting them: java moss, christmas moss, guppy grass, jungle val. I recently added my first plants that need higher light: scarlet temple, microswords and Hydrocotyle tripartita 'Japan', and I want to make sure that I'm giving them enough light to grow (or at least stay green and not die) while not encouraging too much algae growth. With the shrimp I'm not worried about most algae types, they'll happily eat it, but they don't eat BBA and I have a tiny bit of BBA already on the leaf of a java fern that's below the filter outtake. What settings should I have my light on to give the higher light plants enough light? I think this light is capable of high light in a tank this size, isn't it? And how often/how much should I dose fertilizers (I currently do two pumps Easy Green twice a week, one pump Easy Iron twice a week, 2.5 ml Flourish Advance once a week) to keep up with the higher light so that I don't develop an algae problem? Also, I have my scarlet temple not properly "planted" or buried in the Flourite, they're just sitting on top of the substrate with plant weights wrapped around the bottoms, because I'd read they're mostly water column feeders - is this okay?
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