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  1. so the snails are dead 😞 If there is an ammonia spike because of that can I use prime with the medicine?
  2. The snails were already having issues prior to treating. They have been way more lethargic and floating around the tank the last month. I honestly don’t know how old they are though as they came from the 10 gallon I took over from another family. The tank doesn’t smell any different.
  3. I originally had a 10 gallon that I got from someone else that was overstocked and fish weren’t schooled. I then bought this 20 gallon long and cycled it with media from the 10 gallon. It was completely cycled right around Christmas. I now have 11 embers, 5 neons, 1 honey gourami, 3 ghost shrimp, 3 amanos and 3 mystery snails. I have the API master test kit and everything has been showing still cycled. I decided to treat the whole tank as one of my neons hasn’t been looking healthy and because I had fish from the original tank plus buying from 2 other locations to get where we are today. The aquarium coop blog recommended doing the whole tank to make sure everyone is healthy and good. Then if I were to buy fish down the line to treat them separately before adding them to the main tank.
  4. I started the Trio medication for my tank on Thursday night. Yesterday the water was still clear. Today it is cloudy. Is the medicine causing this or do I have some type of bloom happening? I took out the filter cartridge that had the carbon in it before I put the medicine in. I have other filter media in there that I didn’t take out.
  5. @HardeepTheLondoner Is there a different fish you would recommend besides the gourami for a centerpiece?
  6. I have a 20 gallon long - have real plants. Aqua tech 20-40 12 embers, 5 neons, 3 amanos, 3 ghost shrimp, 3 mystery snails Am I at the max?? Would love 1 honey gourami.
  7. My husband is guesstimating it’s about 10in and in at least a 40 gallon. Hopefully we can find it a new home or someone will step up in the office to take care of it.
  8. The person that was taking care of this fish no longer works in the office. What type is it so we can try to find a home for it?
  9. @James Black Im a newbie so just looking for some additional clarification. When you say remove filter and put it in established tank you are meaning the insert to the filter correct? When you fill it back up how long do you let the filter run before transferring/putting fish in it? I currently have a 20 gallon long with a hob (new primary), and a 10 with a hob. I ordered a sponge filter so was thinking of putting the sponge filter and 10 gallon hob in the 20 gallon. Then getting rid of the 20 gallon hob. If I needed to set up the 10 gallon again I could then move the 10 gallon hob back over. Does this sound like it will work? Thanks for you expertise!
  10. I was wanting to add a honey gourami to my community tank. I've read different things. Are they ok being alone or what is the recommendation for them to be happy/healthy?
  11. I moved my 3 Amanos from a 10 gallon with not appropriate substrate and one real plant to a 20 gallon long with a fake log, 6 plants and black sand and it takes me a lot longer to find them. They would grab food off the top off the water in the 10 gallon and have yet to do that in the 20.
  12. So she looks better now. In regards to the spot on the front. Both of the neons do have some fin issues so I want to treat them still anyways. I am waiting for the trio medications from aquariuam co-op and and going to be ordering some new fish to get mine schooled appropriately. Once the new fish get here can I just medicate the entire 20 gallon with the new fish in it -even if there are mystery snails and shrimp? Or should I just take all the fish and put it in my cycled 10 gallon.
  13. Its long but thanks for the advice. I took over a 10 gallon tank for another family in September and have learned quite a bit since then on improvements to make. The tank came with 2 neons and 3 ember and a boseman rainbow. As well as some shrimp and mystery snails. One neon and 1 ember died within a week of each of each other. I thought this was due to temp drops as the previous person told me that she kept the water around 70 and being the heater was broken plugged it in occasionally for an hour to get the temp back up to 70. I bought a new fuctioning heater. The neon that was left was stressing because he lost his friend. My husband went to the store and picked up 3 more neons (oct 22). One of the new neons completely disappeared- maybe by the rainbow- maybe died and the shrimp ate him (who knows). One of the new neons kept picking on the original neon and then the original ended up with what I assume was cottonmouth or maybe just injured from the new neon and the original neon also died. After that death I treated the tank with API Furan 2 Once that was complete we rehomed the rainbow to a home were he could have a school and bigger tank. I then started working on a bigger tank- now have a 20 gallon long that is cycled and planted. Has an aquatech 20-40 filter and airstone. We moved the 2 embers and 2 neons over at least 7 days ago and put 3 tablespoons of aquarium salt in the tank to help with stress and their fins weren't looking the best. We moved over the shrimp 2-3 days ago. I did a 50 % water change last night so that we can move the mystery snails over. My daughter noticed that one of the neons now has a white spot on her lip.......... The goal was to get them all in the new tank and then go get more embers and neons/cardinals and put them in the 10 gallon as a quarantine tank so that they could actually be properly schooled in the end. What should my step be now?? Take the one single fish and put it in the 10 gallon and treat it? (what should I treat with?) Even though that might stress her being all alone? I can't do both neons as the other one gets stressed when its just him and the other neon together - he doesn't calm until the 2 embers are with them. Other information. Ph 7.4 (steady), temp 75, have been testing levels with the API master kit
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