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  1. The 5000mah version of the one @DannyBWellsuggested is $27. That's the one I use. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/anker-powercore-fusion-5000-mah-portable-charger-for-most-usb-enabled-devices-black/6348856.p?skuId=6348856
  2. I'd rather have blue shrimp though. If I wanted brown I would have bought brown.
  3. I purchased some Blue Velvet shrimp on April 15th from an online retailer and haven't added any other shrimp to the tank. Now my babies are almost all brown. Am I feeding them the wrong foods or did they just have poor genetics?
  4. I live in rural ND so power outages in the winter during a blizzard can last multiple days. Luckily I have a wood pellet stove to keep me warm but it's not great for whole home heating. I picked up a cheap "tailgating" generator from Harbor Freight, I believe it was under $150, to run my heater and a small air pump with an air stone for water movement. I use a space blanket to wrap the tank to help keep the temperature in. I keep AmQuel on hand for those moments as well and test, test, test.
  5. What time do you guys change your water? Immediately after the lights come on? After a couple hours of the lights being on? Towards the end of your light cycle?
  6. I've got a 1/4" scar on the side of my ring finger from a female Darwin Clownfish. Mama wasn't happy with me pulling her eggs.
  7. I'm surprised Least Killifish haven't taken off in the aquarium trade in the USA.
  8. Least Killifish Ember Tetras Scarlet Badis
  9. Some puffers will be against the glass whenever you're in the room. They're like a dog always wanting a treat. As for keeping them engaged, change up your decoration location if possible.
  10. I've been down that road before but I'm not going to get carried away this time. My favorite LFS closed a couple of years ago and the other stores around me aren't that great. I'm pretty much stuck with ordering fish online and it's gotten too cold to ship to my area.
  11. Hello from rural ND! After a couple years out of the hobby, I decided to get back into the hobby with a planted shrimp tank after coming across the Co-Op's videos on Youtube. So far I've got a 10g low tech planted shrimp tank. It's noting fancy but I'm enjoying getting back into the hobby. I plan on picking up another 10g tank when I get to the city next time.
  12. Not a new product but one that isn't made anymore, the Whisper Diatomagic filter. They worked great against free floating parasites.
  13. Do you remember the lights that would burn your fingers? I have memories of getting burnt more than once by the light. I still have a glass bottomed 10g MetaFrame but unfortunately it leaks. I've tried a couple times to reseal it but I haven't had any success yet. I picked up a 2.5g a couple years ago but unfortunately it leaks as well.
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