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  1. Hi Everyone, this is my first time posting here, but I've been really impressed by the quality of the discourse! I have a question about the USB Nano Air Pumps. These things are great and completely silent from 12 inches away (my tanks are, by necessity of living in a cramped NYC apartment, in my living room). The problem is that they fail on me way too often. I've purchased 5 of these over the years, and 3 have failed (one after about 3 months and two after about 9 months). I'm starting to wondering if I'm doing something wrong. I have (or had, rather) one running on each of three 4 gallon cubes. The pumps are placed on a shelf above the tanks, each driving an Aquarium Co-op nano sponge filter with a Ziss airstone. Each line has a metal valve plus a check valve. The pumps are plugged into the USB outlets of a Kasa Smart power strip, and the outlets are confirmed to be functional. The shelf is open, so I don't think it's a heat issue. I just want to make sure that I'm not causing all these premature deaths, or if it's just a function of small (presumably Chinese) electrics being of... questionable quality.
  2. How long have your USB Nano Pumps lasted?
  3. I bought a USB nano air pump with air stone and curious if I need a check valve on it. I’ve turned it off from the plug and no water came up. Any recommendations? Hopefully do nothing?
  4. I was thinking on running a sponge filter in my 20 gallon long tank. Can I use the usb nano to get the job done or will it be to under powered? If I can’t please give me some good recommendations.
  5. So I live in an area where we get some power outages due to PG&E Power cutoffs for fire prevention (gotta love those California wildfires and windstorms) As my house hasn't gotten a backup generator for the electrical system yet, does anyone know if any air pumps are made to run off of AC initially, charge it's own battery, and then can run on battery backup while the power is out? It seems every single one I've seen listed will only turn on once the power is out, and I'd rather not have to run around switching air hoses if there's no power for only an hour, or worse, when I'm not home. I'm debating on using the USB powered ones, plugging them into a power-bank, while having the power-bank plugged into a USB charger at the same time, I just assume it will kill the power-banks over time. I would assume this would work since I figure I would run my laptops with the cord plugged in constantly, only unplugging when I needed to move them into the other room. More importantly, why haven't (more) companies made a dual-powered one such as what I've described, as I'm sure many people would want one just in case.
  6. Hi, I just noticed my silicone suffering from a lack of oxygen! Due to this I've decided to get an airstone. Now, I know the USB Nano Airpump works, however the more power the better right? That's why I'm hoping to get the "SpaceX Merlin 1D" rocket engine, yes I know that it isn't technically an air pump, but it still produces thrust. I would be planning on using the sea level variant, with a smaller nozzle, which according to SpaceX produces 7,607kn or thrust, or 1,710,000 lbf of force. My question is will be enough air being pushed through the air stone? Secondly will the exhaust from the fuel of liquid oxygen and what is very refined jet fuel be detrimental to the health of the tanks inhabitants? Thanks! APRIL FOOLS!!
  7. Hi I have a 75 gallon with an aquaclear 110 and an aquarium coop large sponge filter as a secondary filter, using my tetra whisper pump. I hate the whisper, it's so loud. So I'm wondering if I can run a nano pump with the size L sponge filter or will it not be strong enough? Also ... I'd like to use a nano with the nano size sponge filter for my betta fish in a 1 gallon cube. Which makes me confused, as it's hard to believe the same pump would work for a betta that would power a L sponge filter. Advice needed, thanks!
  8. will a nano air pump run a medium sponge filter
  9. I recently got the co-ops usb nano air pump, but not much air is coming out. I have seen images where there is LOTS MORE air, and was wondering how you do that. I have a checkvalve on it but that doesn't work. I will show you how much air is coming out: And this is what I'm talking about when I say that other are able to get more flow out of it: I have also tried adjusting the airstone, nothing seems to work. Does it need to be elevated?
  10. Good evening! I’m currently setting up a new 40 gal breeder. I was planning to use a large sponge filter with a nano air pump. Upon setting it up it seems like the air pumps creating little flow. Do I need a larger air pump?
  11. I purchased 7 or 8 nano USB air pumps and they arrived today but was wondering if I need a check valve. They are hanging on the petco aqueon tanks.
  12. Just wondering if the nano air pump will run a air stone in a 55 gallon tank? Thank you Bob
  13. Looking for advise to safety transport 5-6 shell dwellers (Multies). I will be picking them up from a private breeder about 3 hours from my home. I am meeting them so no idea how long they may have already been placed in bag (assuming just standard air in bag) but have a 3 hour drive home. I have a usb air pump if recommended. Can I simply open the bag once or twice doing transport or should I set up a bucket with an air stone? thank you for any advise
  14. I got my USB nano pump and like all things the first thing I did was take it apart. I was surprised to find this 51 ohm resistor in parallel with the pump. (I also recognized the motor/pump under the silicone sleeve as one I already had several of for another project. oops!) I noodled over why that was there some tonight, and I think its because the pump doesn't sink enough current to be detected by most USB battery banks. Without the resistor most power packs will auto-shutoff. If you're running two or more off the same battery or have a USB "UPS" instead of battery bank you really don't need this resistor and can clip this resistor off to get about 2.5x more battery life (when fully loaded, more if there's not much air restriction) off of a battery backup. You can also clip the resistor if you just want to save 1/2 watt of power consumption. Some googling also turned up the little known feature of /some/ usb battery banks. If you turn it on and hold the button for 3s it won't auto shut off. I tried it on my battery bank with no success so YMMV.
  15. So I see on a lot of the live streams people asking how to move fish tanks when moving. We usually get an answer for someone moving half an hour or so away. What do you do if you have to move across the country or more than a day drive away? With a couple bigger fish tanks...
  16. Hello, I just bought the ziss filter and didn't quite catch the fact that it runs off air. Can a USB air pump run one of these? It is a gift for my nephew, we just set up a 55gal take for a turtle (her name is Cranberry :), in his bedroom, and I'm hoping to keep the noise level down. Thank you for your reply, Loretta
  17. Hi! Glad to join the forums. I’m a new 10 gal owner, wondering if the usb pump and nano filter from here can replace my Top Fin PF 10 hang on back? Thanks!
  18. So I have a tank that is 24" deep with a large sponge filter powered with a tetra whisper which is anything but a whisper it's noisy and rattles like crazy and I want to get a quieter air pump. The USB air pump interests me but I'm not sure if it will be able to push enough air that deep and power the sponge filter so I'm hoping that someone with experience using them will be able to advice me if it is doable or not.
  19. Living in a city with no Aquarium Store and the nearest one is 36 miles (30 minutes) away and there is ones within a 3 hour drive of me. Going the distance with a USB Powered Air Pump has been on my mind because of the distance I have to travel to go to an aquarium shop. When should you use a USB powered air pump and when should you not use a USB powered Air pump? is it smart to use a USB powered air pump in transportation of fish from aquarium stores to home quarantine tank? What would your max distance be to use a USB air pump? These are all questions that could help a Beginner in the hobby.
  20. I bought an air nano pump from Aquarium Co-Op in Nov and it stopped pumping air yesterday. Is there a warranty for this product?
  21. Hello all, I would like to switch my current HIB filter to a sponge filter. The sound of the trickling water is annoying me... but I also do not want to hear the hum of the air pump. Does anyone know if I could use the USB Nano air pump with a medium size sponge filter in a 20 gallon? Would that be appropriate or do I need a more powerful air pump? Thank you- lee
  22. Extending the USB Nano Pump: A Test of Power As my order history will attest, the USB Nano Pump is hands-down my favorite Aquarium Co-Op product. It's crazy quiet and powerful for the money. In my home office where I have five tanks, there is ZERO humming sound coming from the five nano pumps providing air to the 20 longs on a wall rack. All I hear is the air rushing "white noise" that even serves to mask the hums of my hang-on-back filters. Find me a conventional 4-port pump that can accomplish that! This gives me a room with several tanks that aren't singing in the key of "E"! But testimonial aside, I recalled Cory talking about the benefits of the "USB" aspect of the pump; especially that it can be powered by a backup battery during power failures. But what if that could be taken a step further? What if it could be used as a daily workhorse pump THAT ALSO automatically switches over to backup power when the power does go out? How long will it last? Can it do this without human intervention? For twenty bucks and ZERO DIY skills, you bet it can! SELECTING THE BACKUP BATTERY In making my choice of backup battery, I listed the following criteria that needed to be satisfied: 1. It has to be Compact 2. It has to Last a Long time 3. It has to Power my pump on wall power 4. It has to Switch to battery power without my touching it 5. It has to be Affordable; I have a lot of pumps! With that in mind and a lot of research, I settled on this UGREEN Portable charger for phones and tablets, for $22 on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07S73M12N (I'm receiving and want no affiliate kickbacks for this.) It mostly matched up with my requirements: 1. Compact: It's about the size of a pack of cigarettes 2. Long-Lasting: 10,000mAh will be tested 3. Power: Pass-through feature sends wall-power directly to the pump 4. Switch: Pass-through charges the battery and switches over when unplugged 5. Affordable: Mixed feelings on this...pass-through isn't cheap! 6. Bonus! Digital readout shows the percentage of charge remaining What is pass-through power technology? You can't just plug the pump into any phone charger and expect it to power the pump while the charger is plugged into your wall; most phone chargers will stop powering your device when they are being charged themselves. But with "pass-through", the charger passes your wall power through to your charging device while it charges itself. Instant permanent battery backup! How to use it? Simply plug the battery backup between the USB pump and its USB charging adapter that comes with it. You need nothing else! So let's dive into the testing... TEST ONE: DOES IT WORK WITH NON-PHONE DEVICES? What we're proposing here is to plug in a device that doesn't draw power the same way as a phone does, into a powering device that's made for phones and tablets. Will it handle low voltage fish stuff? This article wouldn't exist if the answer weren't a resounding Yes! I connected it all and plugged it into the wall. It immediately started the pump and started charging itself at the same time. When I unplugged the power from the wall, the pump kept going and the battery started draining. SLOWLY. Blue or orange port? I tested the charging process twice, curious about whether choosing the blue or orange ports on the new Aquarium Co-Op charger plug that came with the pump would make a difference in charging time. It made no difference. So this will work. But for how long? Here's where it gets interesting. TEST TWO: HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? I charged it up to 100% while connected to the pump (about 3-4 hours), and then unplugged everything from the wall to simulate a power failure. The pump continued to run for 60 HOURS. That's two and a half days! Not much more to be said there. It's quite an effective backup power source! TEST THREE: OKAY, BUT HOW LONG DOES IT REALLY LAST? On the theory that it will not last as long when it's under a load and actually powering a real airstone in water pressure, I connected it to a never-clog airstone on 24" of airline tubing that had already been running for several months in 12" of water depth. The runtime result was another round number: 50 HOURS on a full charge. So this means that the pump was powered for about 17% less time while under a basic load. Logically, I'd assume that as the airstone becomes more clogged, its capacity for backup time will be diminished even more. Mounting? The battery pack is not terribly heavy, so it can be mounted with some double-sided foam tape to the back or side of the aquarium, or any other flat surface so that it doesn't dangle. CONCLUSION The combination of 2+ days' power, always-ready pass-through powering, and the compact size makes this a huge winner. I'm buying one of these for every one of my USB Nano Pumps. Yes, $22 can add up fast, but for me, it's a small price to pay for the peace of mind. When the power goes out, I will have oxygenated water for days! Even if I were to lose most of the beneficial bacteria, the bacteria that remains in proximity to the moving water caused by the bubbles (on the glass, rocks, gravel, and decorations) will serve as a seed population for a new colony. But that's a moot point if the pump is powering a sponge filter! What more is there to say? Spread the word: USB battery backups aren't just for phones!
  23. I think I will add USB power banks to my USB air pumps in case of a power outage while gone for the holiday. Anyone else do this?
  24. Hi, I'm just would anyone has any suggestions for reviving my USB air pump. I've been using it on my quarantine tank since I got it in February, and it's been perfect, but yesterday afternoon we had a few brief power outages. It's plugged into a surge protector, plus we have a whole-house surge protector, but I can't get it to come back on. I've tried different outlets and different plugs. Everything else on that surge protector is ok. Luckily my last quarantined fish were ready to move yesterday anyway, and I'm not worried about the ramshorns in there. Do I need to just order a new pump or does anyone have an idea I can try? Thanks! (This is NOT a complaint about the product; clearly something weird happened.)
  25. Does a usb air pump have enough power to work the xl sponge filter? Plan on using 2 xl in my 90 gallon but should I use the USB pumps or should I just buy one larger air pump for both?
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