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  1. I have 5 pea puffers. They are alone in a 20 long. 2 guys, 3 gals. They spar and that’s about it. They have such great personalities. I also own Amazon puffers and spotted Congo Puffers. I a total nerm..... so I would like eventually like to have just puffers, frogs, turtles and cichlids. I have all of them already . My fish room always changes everyday. Since I do own 3 types of puffers, I’d say the peas are the easiest and not as shy as the others. I’m a sucka for a puffer ya
  2. I’m looking for any and all advice about the spotted Congo Puffer. I’m receiving one in a few days. I want to be ready. I appreciate any advice, thanks.
  3. Looking for fish friends here in Northern California.
  4. I’m a stay at home mom. I do mom things 👍🏼
  5. I have pea’s and they would harm the snails. Not necessarily eat them. They are aggressive unlike my Amazon puffers.
  6. I’ve had them for a month. They just finished quarantine, so I moved them to their forever home. I just don’t want anything bad to happen. I lost two after they shipped them. They were barely moving. Really skinny. I was really saddened by that as they are my unicorn pet. Any ideas for keeping them engaged?
  7. So far I’m feeding clams, fiddler crabs, blood worms, brine. Now I’m trying to get them to eat repashy with oyster shells in it. Oh rams horn snails. Breeding for my Amazon puffers and my Peas. I got lucky when I bought my peas because they had about 30 together all during quarantine in California. I wanted 5 and ended up with 2 males and 3 females. I’m not sure why they barely fight over the ladies. My guess they had been at the fish shop for 4 months. Love them to death. I feel lucky because they barely fight. One hit one then the other. Don’t blink because it happens so quick
  8. I just don’t want them stressed or bored. Their my dream fish 💚 Thank you for responding.
  9. Does anyone have any suggestions about Amazon puffers window surfing? Is it stress like in a lot of fish or boredom?
  10. Any suggestions about Amazon puffers window surfing?
  11. Does anyone have any suggestions about Amazon puffers window surfing? Is it stress like in a lot of fish or boredom?
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