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Hi, I'm new here.

Been in the hobby since the early 2000's but took a long break after some tragedy struck. Now, I'm back in the wonderful world of this hobby and enjoying all of its rewards again! 

I currently have 2 tanks. One 10g with guppies and a couple mystery snails. The other is a 20g long with Cardinal Tetra. Both heavenly planted (that's right, heavenly). 


How it started:Screenshot_20210118-204038.jpg.3bb947399b55b3ff227d296c0a7d2513.jpg

How it's going:IMG_20210116_220259.jpg.7749a30dbca66ab4dfa406a67e2d12ec.jpg

Hard to catch them being still for a photo lolIMG_20210106_204438.jpg.ec590816711e55780d91e5058ea0e410.jpg

Little bb's:Screenshot_20210116-052236.jpg.3a940c549234d9497e7e39380f4b94ab.jpg

20gallon long

How it started:Screenshot_20210116-215354.jpg.375fa06dc82651a8c790cc5b9ebb44a3.jpg

How it's going:IMG_20210217_164110.jpg.e4599431f3546216ac909c1f90f524a2.jpg

Sunset before lights out is probably my favorite time to view:IMG_20210218_113044.jpg.8c9f7815bb3357bc04f7f8b3b7345b4f.jpg

This morning:IMG_20210219_113808.jpg.00441c9e5a23a8426c0a16929c34c188.jpg

Schooling fish are my favorite type of fishIMG_20210212_145207.jpg.561c3a3cf698575481e6353debf8877d.jpg

There are 5 Bloody Mary shkrimp right now... Hoping they make more bb's soon!IMG_20210206_182401.jpg.c8afebd152edd1a3de87d255f3d35529.jpg



I also have a 10gallon hospital tank I keep running in case of emergency and for any overflow of plants, etc. I was recently at a big box store buying cat food and noticed a rainbow shark barely hanging on, incredibly frail and pale. I caved and bought it. I have a soft spot for rainbows bc my first ever tank had one I grew out to 6inches, Sheeba, I miss her. 

 It's been about 3 weeks and it's health has improved a lot! I know what you're thinking! Don't fret! I'm currently working on a set up of a 55gallon planted tank that will be up and running in about a month.  For now though, this is her home. IMG_20210219_111134.jpg.92f339173b6f5eb9becc67ecf8858922.jpgIMG_20210210_144346.jpg.09d3c10bf1b7d05cf498623ff357e04e.jpgIMG_20210210_144345.jpg.72b9e31e0cbc78dd865e31d389e15126.jpg

Looking forward to learning more from you all and sharing experiences here!

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