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  1. Another few days, another update... This project is definitely coming along! I am so anxious to get it setup, but know we have to take our time to make everything safe for the fish, and our home. We are still working on reinforcing the interior frame of the dresser. Engineer husband is overkilling it, I think, but best to make something that can support twice the weight, in my opinion. The used tank is about 13 years old according to the date tag... So - I need your expert advice. Should I reseal it? The guy we bought it from had just drained it the night before, and claims there are no leaks. I kinda feel like, it's empty now, what better time to reseal it and give it a new starting point? some of the side silicone is definitely chewed up from cleaning in the past, so I am leaning toward yes. I've never resealed a tank before, but I've watched 1,000 youtube videos, and am handy with a caulking gun so that means I am qualified, right? Hahaha.... Tips appreciated. I figure, worst case scenario, we have to buy a new tank and lose a few hundred bucks - OR - I have to call in someone who knows what they are doing to re-re-seal it, so it's worth a shot..... Thanks for coming on this crazy journey with me. Here's the stand with the new hardware fully installed - center handle needs longer screws, hence why it looks crooked. Will fix that. Canister filter will fit in the center door area, and we did not need to cut the drawers to add the reinforcements, so this will definitely prove to be GREAT storage for foods and extra supplies. Anyone have any DIY tips for creating a lid? What lights are you using on your 60" or larger planted tanks?
  2. Sadly, no - I didn't know about Cory McElroy when we got them. 😂 But I promise if we add to our little school, we will DEFINITELY name one after Cory.
  3. That's so cool, it looks really nice! We may end up doing something similar with the drawer fronts on our dresser too.
  4. Thank you!! Refinishing old furniture is definitely another "hobby" of mine. I love giving new life to old things. 🙂
  5. A week ago this was just an idea I was having, and now it's coming together very quickly. 😂 I peeked onto fb marketplace last night, and low and behold, a guy about 3 hours away was selling a 60x18x24 used tank in good condition, and well, a road trip and a few coffee's later..... It's now mine. The tank needs a good scrub, there are a couple stickers I need to remove and there is something glued to the outside back (as you can see)that I will need to figure out how to unglue, but otherwise it's in great shape. Some of the sealing on the corners looks a bit warn, so we may re-seal it (gonna need to learn how to do that - I am hoping I can find some advice about that here.) The stand still has a bit more work to be done. The wood filler is drying now, so I still need to sand and paint that before adding the rest of the new hardware, and we need to make sure everything is level and reattach the center door. I also want to do a clear wax coat over the paint for some water protection. We are trying to decide if we should attempt to build a canopy to match. Now to start planning it out. Filter, lights, substrate, plants!! I'm so overwhelmed with ideas!! I think a big aquarium coop order is in my future... Also planning to hang a shelf above so I can add to my plant collection, and turn this into a true mini-solarium. projects are fun!
  6. I think you are right. Keeping it as is for now, only going to add a coat of clear wax over the paint to make it a bit more water resistant!
  7. Ok everyone, here's an update... I spent yesterday sanding and painting, and we added some internal 2x4 reinforcements... I still need to fill the old hardware holes, and decide on new hardware, and decide if I want to leave it as is, or distress it a bit... What do you think? (Don't mind my messy garage)
  8. I love this so much!! 😂😂. Slice & Dice are great names! It's a fun way for the kids to be involved, definitely! All of our cories have "corey" names... Cory Booker, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Corey Dillon, Corey Hart, Cory Kluber, etc etc... I forget them all now... The angels are Joel, Dina, Susan, and Melvin. ðŸĪŠ So far the tetras are not named, but my kids keep calling them "the teslas" and that's kinda stuck.
  9. My immediate thought was a limpet, though it looks big for a limpet (unless it's super zoomed in?) We had a little limpet outbreak in our tank after adding some new plants a while back - they never really caused any issues, and eventually the fish just ate them, or they died off naturally, and we didn't have to take any action.
  10. Some absolutely beautiful and inspiring fish in this thread!! We have 4 angels, and they are all my fave, but this black one is my personal fave...her name is Dina (my kids name them, and they all have ridiculous names), and she's all cute and bloated with eggs at the moment... I have a pleco (named Roomba) that is also my fave, but he is shy and I couldn't get a pic today.
  11. So far the Pleco has been very docile and doesn't seem interested in any of the other fish at all, he never bothers the cories that I've seen. The angels are so far getting along with everyone, but (of course) do get a bit cranky when they have eggs.
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