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Anyone else have an "accidental" tank?


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Here's mine. 


I set it up to grow out a couple leaves of salvinia that came mixed into some frogbit I got from another hobbyist. Then I added a pot with a  stem plant that didn't do well in my 29hex and I was down to 1 stem of so I needed to grow and propagate it. Then I added another that came as a clipping in a bag of shrimp. Then then my corys started spawning so I added substrate and built a rock formation so the babies would like it better. I decided to take all the hydrocotyle tripartita out of my hex and didn't want to get rid off all of it so some got added along with all the Christmas moss and extra windelov java fern I pulled out when I redid my hex. Then the cryptocoryne undulata red I replaced the hydrocotyle with took off like crazy and I had to remove some from my so that went in. Then I got a cryptocoryne flamingo tissue culture and half went in here while the other half went in my hex. But to make room for the flamingo in my hex I had to remove a piece of wood covered in Windelov Java Fern so that went in and more undulata red so I potted it and put that in. Then my wife went into the basement one day and asked when we got another tank. 

Oh and at some point I moved all the salvinia to my hex and put frogbit in this tank. 

This was never supposed to be a permanent tank but I really like it now. 

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17 minutes ago, Squid88 said:

My "accidental" tanks start out as a plastic container with a filter and evolve into a permanent glass tank. its beautiful.

Yeeaaaahhhh . . . so this is happening in our little fish room right now . . . note baby bristle nose plecos in the tub . . . 

Annnd . . . the Bettas in cut gallon jugs for "proof of concept" are becoming a thing too . . .


Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 11.02.04 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 11.03.52 PM.png

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I feel like me getting my 75 was "accidental." I got a pair of senegal bichirs, having read they could be housed comfortably in a 40 breeder. Well, within half a year my male was a giant, primordial sea monster rampaging all over the tank. I just felt like he needed to be in a bigger space, so I got the 75. I'm so glad I did! He has so much more room to be his goofy self, and I then had my 40 breeder open to play with.

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My 10 gallon experiment tank sat empty in the basement most of the time.  Just before Christmas I needed a hospital tank... After the crisis, the tank did not return to the basement.  Yesterday it was upright on the kitchen counter again, sitting next to the accidental nano tank. I think I already know what comes next.

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