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  1. the best thing about a clear cup is my fish can't see it
  2. that looks like a really cool plant! I wasn't able to find any information on that variety. I got a huge Madagascar lace plant from my LFS the other day and I just love the look of bulb plants now.
  3. I have looked at their site, the problem is that I am too far from Seattle to be apart of their club. Yes, I know it isn't a degree I just wanted to do something fun in this hobby that would include my other interests. I have been greatly considering starting a club in Roseburg I'm thinking that is gonna be the way I can include my friends who work at my LFS.
  4. I have heard in several videos, Corey has talked about being a Master Aquatic Horticulturist. Well I want to know where I can find similar courses, their are no aquarium clubs in my town of Roseburg, Oregon. Would my best bet be starting my own aquarium club? or is their some way I could take a similar course online? For a time I was majoring in botany, but I recently changed my major to business management because I feel that botany comes easy to me, and I know a degree in business can get me most places.
  5. "Aponogeton" is the family of bulb plants from Madagascar including Madagascar lace plant and other aquatic bulbs. Their for when you say aponogeton it refers to the family of bulbs, I personally find it exciting to figure out exactly what plants I have, but maybe that stems from my botany background. Without an image when I hear ruffle leaves I think you have, Aponogeton crispus.
  6. I would have to say my favorite plants are Madagascar lace, sword plants, and hornwort. I love how many different textures aquatic plants have.
  7. I have the same question. I have a brackish tank for my fiddler crabs, and I have wondered if I need to raise the salinity of the snails water gradually? or if I can just "throw in" some nerites from another tank? or is there a way to remove the nerite eggs (from a freshwater tank) without damaging them to add to the brackish tank?
  8. I bought repashy soilent green from the Co-op for my hill stream loaches, my golden white clouds and guppies go crazy for it and since the food sinks I like that they have to "forage" for it.
  9. also following for answers. I rinsed my bag till it ran clear and submerged it in fresh water several times, now its hazy as well. I am about to do a small water change on that tank ill let you know if it helps.
  10. guppies, neon tetras are the only fish. I just wasn't sure since they are so small in person
  11. in my 20 gallon aquarium I have neon tetras and guppies. just spotted two of these in the tank today, is this what guppy fry look like?
  12. I have a 29 gallon I put gold white clouds in literally last night I made a journal on it. definitely gonna put them there
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