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What Are Your Favorite Fish Combos

Jennifer V

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42 minutes ago, Jennifer V said:

@lefty o how many tetras do you have and how many other fish, shrimp, etc. do you have in your tank? 

my tank with neons, currently has 21 neon tetras, 10 harlequin rasboras, 1 old bloodfin tetra, 2 ancient bronze cory's, maybe 10 yellow dragon guppies, 8 bristlenose pleco's, 3 amano shrimp, 4 nerites snails, and a partridge on a pear tree! LOL im sure i left something out, but still working on restocking the 120.


i did forget something, 2 pandgarra's.

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My current favorites  for 10-ish gallons are:

  • 1 dwarf pearl gourami  + 10 cardinal tetras + unknown number of ghost shrimp +1 nerite snail
  • 1 balloon german blue ram + 5 ember tetras + 1 nerite snail + maybe some ghost and cherry shrimp that the GBR had not  eaten yet.
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My favorite 10-gallon pairing is:  1 betta and 6 - 8 african dwarf frogs (I know not a fish but its aquatic!)  Typically in the same tank I also like to do 1 or 3 hillstream loaches.  If only 1 hillstream loach, then I also like to add 2 nerite or mystery snails to help with algae.

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19 minutes ago, Jennifer V said:

I've never heard of a Blue Ram but they look beautiful. Are they prone to any aggression? 

Mine was quite territorial when I just got her, she chased away everything from what she perceived to be her territory. Never did any actual damage though and she calmed down with time. These days she is adult fish-safe (and shrimp nemesis). 

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6 minutes ago, Jennifer V said:

I love the idea of adding a beta. Have you ever had any trouble with aggression or is it fine because the loaches stay to the bottom? 

Irene does some great videos. 

Fish I have: Santa Maria guppies, otocinclus, hillstream loaches, kuhli loaches, blue dream shrimp, and of course the typical hitchhikers... ramshorn and pond snails. 

Would definitely recommend more than 1 hillstream, it’s entertaining watching them interact when you have a group. 

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3 hours ago, Jennifer V said:

I'd just like to know what you've added to your little communities. Breed combinations, numbers of each ... 

Well . . . not sure if this is anywhere close to helpful . . . but here's what's actually going on in 6 of our 10 gal tanks:

(1) 4x Tangerine Painted Lyretail Mollies

(2) 2x Apistogramma Urteagai, 12x Glowlight tetras

(3) Colony of Firecracker Guppies, Colony of Cherry Shrimp, 1x young Bristlenose Pleco

(4) Colony of Blue neocaridinia

(5) 10 gal tall, with large piece of driftwood stood sideways, Anubis attached, and Bristlenose Pleco growout tank

(6) 3x Fundulopanchax Scheeli (Emerald Killifish)


We've found that a 20 gallon (long or tall) is a lot more fun to stock than a 10 gal. 

Honey gourami could make a nice centerpiece fish in a small tank. 

Threadfin Rainbows are attractive.

Celestia Pearl Danios are really sharp . . . but we never get them out where we live. 

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5 minutes ago, The Doctor said:


My Favorite fish combo is fish and chips and a beer 🙂 maybe 2 beers 🙂. Cheers!


That is a very good combo too! 😁


7 minutes ago, Jennifer V said:

oh I love the idea of the hillstreams! What do you feed them? 

Mine pretty much eat anything. The frozen mysis shrimp, algae wafers, radpashy, carnivore pellets and just about anything else I feed and they can get to. 

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