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The aquarist podcast is back!

Grin Ghost

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Every monday morning i wake up and see that my phone has automaticly downloaded the Aquarium coop live stream from google podcasts. I listen to the stream while at work. The other days are filled with old livestreams as i started listening from the very beginning on the aquarium coop app.

This morning i saw that not one, but two podcasts where downloaded during the night. A brand new episode of the aquarist podcast is out. What a nice surprise to start the new week!

I listened to the new episode this morning and it is great! I really recommend it to everyone who doesn't know the podcast yet. Thanks @Randy for all the work you put in to this and for making my day! 🙂

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On 1/16/2023 at 5:53 PM, AllFishNoBrakes said:

@Randy You’re now Vice President of ACO, but don’t have admin access on the forum?! Crazy. (All jokes and all love. Appreciate everything you do for us nerms!)


On the real side of things, I work in IT and we don't give admin access to anyone who is not directly responsible for the maintenance or upkeep of a system (and this would include content editing). Access is determined by responsibility, not by title. This pretty universally standard across most organizations. It's called the "principal of least privilege" or RBAC (role based access). 

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